Taste of Sicily box

Taste of Sicily box

Mediterranean scents and incomparable flavors come together in a unique land, thanks to its ancient culinary tradition and the richness of its raw materials.

Sicily is the place where different cultures have left their indelible mark on the kitchen and its dishes.

Flavors, scents and traditions are contained in these 7 authentic and selected products, which will let you discover this island in all its nuances.


Discover the content of the box

Discover the selection of Italian products we prepared for you. 
It’s handled carefully in Italy and it will be sent to you with a protective box, in order to let you live a true Italian experience, at home

Pistachio Pesto – Aricchigia
Produced by the careful care and selection of the best and tasty Bronte pistachio, this pesto contains all the culture of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. Thanks to its enveloping and intense taste this product will make every single dish delicious and classy.
Semi-sundried IGP Pachino tomatoes - Campisi
An enveloping and tasty product, as good as healthy, this Pachino tomato will enrich your dishes, thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials carefully selected and the experience, passed down from generation to generation from our farmers.
Eggplant Caponata - Pralina
Produced using only and exclusively certified and selected raw materials, the eggplant caponata is the symbol of the Sicilian culinary tradition and with its unmistakable taste represents the ideal ingredient to make every dish unique.
busiate - Campisi
Result of centuries of passion and careful research of the best semolina, busiate are unique product of its kind, capable of capturing all types of seasoning thanks to the characteristic spiral shape result of an ancient tradition.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Val di Mazara - Planeta
First quality olives processed with passion give rise to a fine oil with an intense aroma and sweet taste that, thanks to the cold processing, is able to give each dish a unique and authentic touch.
Pistachio cream - Babbi
With its smooth and soft texture, the pistachio cream is a real explosion of taste that will give you a moment of pure pleasure. An experience not to be missed!
Modica Chocolate - Donna Elvira
The Modica chocolate has its roots in the combination of the best and most refined cocoa and the skilful Sicilian craftsmanship. Made using only natural products, the Modica chocolate is characterized by the typical and pleasant cocoa aroma and by an intense and refined flavor.