Made in South box

Made in South box

Southern Italy, a land of sun, sea and culture, has been well-known since ancient times for its vast culinary heritage thanks to its unique delicacies.  

In these beautiful lands, recipes and culinary secrets are handed down from father to son, thus preserving the authentic flavors of the past.  

With these 7 unmissable local products you will be enchanted by the traditional flavours, fragrances and aromas and you will have the opportunity to taste once again the authenticity of the Italian cuisine. 


Discover the content of the box

Discover the selection of Italian products we prepared for you. 
It’s handled carefully in Italy and it will be sent to you with a protective box, in order to let you live a true Italian experience, at home

Natural Lucariello Cherry Tomatoes – Gustarosso
Yellow, as the sun of the land where it was grown, with its fresh and delicate flavour, Lucariello tomato will surprise you with its sweet and extremely juicy taste, able to release all the essence of its land in a single bite.
With an authentic and balanced flavour, the taralli are the expression of an interaction between simplicity and tradition. Crunchy and crumbly, they are handmade according to the traditional recipe with the exclusive use of natural ingredients of the highest quality.
Paccheri - Faella Pasta Factory
Directly from Gragnano, the capital of pasta, our Paccheri are the ideal choice for those who want to taste high quality artisan pasta. The bronze drawing and the slow drying make this pasta the perfect ingredient for the preparation of dishes with an authentic and genuine taste.
Natural Spunzillo Cherry Tomatoes - Gustarosso
With its elongated shape and its distinctive pointed end (known as " pizzu " in Neapolitan dialect), the spunzillo tomato is an excellence of this land. The slow maturation gives this variety a sweet and balanced taste and an intense scent that donates to each of your dishes an authentic taste.
Gragnano Spaghetti – Dei Campi Pasta factory
Gragnano Spaghetti, prepared following the oldest recipes and with only high quality ingredients, are essential in every kitchen, a timeless classic able to give life to the most delicious recipes, perfect for any type of seasoning thanks to their rough surface.
Soft Wheat Flour – Mulino Sobrino
Flour, a simple but fundamental product, is the basis of Italian cuisine, an indispensable ingredient for the preparation of the most famous Italian recipes such as pasta or pizza. A flour entirely organic result of a slow grinding that leaves unchanged the nutritional characteristics.
Prepared only with high quality tomatoes harvested at the right point of ripeness, the tomato sauce is a product of excellence, with its creamy texture and its unmistakable sweet taste, it gives each dish the authentic flavor of the tradition.


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