Ligurian Box

Ligurian Box

A nice and complete basket of typical products from Liguria, the region of Genova.


Discover the content of the box

Discover the selection of Italian products we prepared for you. 
It’s handled carefully in Italy and it will be sent to you with a protective box, in order to let you live a true Italian experience, at home

It is obtained through a slow grinding process that preserves its nutritional characteristics and its authentic flavour. It is an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine and is widely used from north to south in the preparation of typical regional recipes.
The testaroli, with their characteristic disc shape and unmistakable taste, are prepared with poor and genuine ingredients such as water and flour and prepared in a flat terra cotta or cast iron cooking surface named “testo”.​
Entirely handmade with their traditional elongated shape, the trofie are born from the union of two simple and natural ingredients such as water and flour and with their authenticity they reveal the history of Liguria and its people.​
Sweet like a daisy, Canestrelli are unmistakable crumbly and irresistibly delicious. These biscuits, alone or sprinkled with icing sugar, can sweeten every moment of the day, either as a dessert or at breakfast with a good coffee or tea.

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*100% refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity with the “Trip protection”.
Without the “Trip protection” 100% refund up to 7 days before the start of the activity.

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