Italians do eat better box

Italians do eat better box

The wonderful Italy calls travelers from all over the world, not only for its breathtaking landscapes and the priceless culture but for its rich and unique gastronomic delights. Italian cuisine claims countless foods from the most ancient traditions and it’s emulated worldwide, but only the true and genuine products from the territory will be able to transform every dish into an authentic taste experience. This box offers a refined selection of 16 products of the highest quality that can take you on a journey into the discovery of the ancient Italian tradition.


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Discover the selection of Italian products we prepared for you. 
It’s handled carefully in Italy and it will be sent to you with a protective box, in order to let you live a true Italian experience, at home

With an authentic and balanced flavour, the taralli are the expression of an interaction between simplicity and tradition. Crunchy and crumbly, they are handmade according to the traditional recipe with the exclusive use of natural ingredients of the highest quality.
Carasau Bread - Artisan Bulloni Bakery
Produced only with the best semolina, following an ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation, Carasau bread represents the best Sardinian gastronomic tradition. The unmistakable crunchiness gives this "sheet" of bread a unique and extremely versatile taste.
Gianduia Spreadable Cream - Caffarel
Thanks to a careful selection of the noblest Piedmontese nuts, this delicious and spreadable cream is born. It will make you discover the most ancient flavors of the Turin tradition. Creamy, soft and with an intense taste, the gianduia spreadable cream is perfect for a tasty and pleasant break.
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP - Manicardi
From the skilful aging of grape must and wine vinegar in wooden barrels, comes the balsamic vinegar of Modena, a high quality product that can enrich every dish thanks to its strong taste and its intense aroma.
Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months - Giorgio Bonati
Three ingredients is everything you need to make one of the oldest and most famous products of the Italian gastronomic tradition, Parmigiano Reggiano. Intense, fragrant and made by using only the best raw materials, this cheese will surprise you with its strong and enveloping taste thanks of its 36 months of aging period.
Modica Chocolate - Donna Elvira
The Modican chocolate has its roots in the combination of the best and most refined cocoa and the skilful Sicilian craftsmanship. Made using only natural products, the Modican chocolate is characterized by the typical and pleasant cocoa aroma and by an intense and refined flavor.
Pistachio cream - Babbi
With its smooth and soft texture, the pistachio cream is a real explosion of taste that will give you a moment of pure pleasure. An experience not to be missed!
Pici – Arconatura
The simplicity of the recipe and the quality of the ingredients make this type of handmade pasta a pride of Tuscan cuisine. Thanks to their rough and irregular surface resulting from the artisan production, Pici are able to capture all types of seasoning.
100% extra Virgin Italian oil – Frantoio Portofino
100% Italian, produced with selected olives, has an exclusive and delicate aroma that enhances the flavor of each dish.
Tuscan soup - Le Piagge
A combination of the best raw materials processed according to traditional methods gives life to this soup, a symbol of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition. Appetizing and genuine, it is perfect for warming cold winter evenings.
Natural Lucariello Cherry Tomatoes - Gustarosso
Yellow, as the sun of the land where it was grown, with its fresh and delicate flavour, Lucariello tomato will surprise you with its sweet and extremely juicy taste, able to release all the essence of its land in a single bite.
Natural Spunzillo Cherry Tomatoes - Gustorosso
With its elongated shape and its distinctive pointed end (known as " pizzu " in Neapolitan dialect), the spunzillo tomato is an excellence of this land. The slow maturation gives this variety a sweet and balanced taste and an intense scent that donates to each of your dishes an authentic taste.
Paccheri – Pasta Factory Faella
Directly from Gragnano, the capital of pasta, our Paccheri are the ideal choice for those who want to taste high quality artisan pasta. The bronze drawing and the slow drying make this pasta the perfect ingredient for the preparation of dishes with an authentic and genuine taste.
Tomato Sauce - Gustarosso
Prepared only with high quality tomatoes harvested at the right point of ripeness, the tomato sauce is a product of excellence, with its creamy texture and its unmistakable sweet taste, it gives each dish the authentic flavor of the tradition.
Pesto sauce
Thanks to the perfect combination of fresh and refined raw materials such as basil, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil, pesto is the symbol of Ligurian cuisine in the world, able to bring to the table all the flavors of the Mediterranean summer.
Entirely handmade with their traditional elongated shape, the trofie are born from the union of two simple and natural ingredients such as water and flour and with their authenticity they reveal the history of Liguria and its people.