Naples Pizza & Co. Food Tour

  • 2-10 seats
  • 11:30 am or 6:30 pm (Tue/Sun)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3,5 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with at least 4 stops
  • Piazzetta Duca d'Aosta
  • 2-10 seats
  • 11:30 am or 6:30 pm (Tue/Sun)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3,5 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with at least 4 stops
  • Piazzetta Duca d'Aosta



Why we created our Naples pizza tour? Because one cannot enjoy Naples without having tried its Pizza!
Everybody knows pizza, everybody eats it everywhere in the world yet the original Pizza is from Naples and can be eaten therein only.
Neapolitan Pizza was born in 1600 in an “old fashion” version, which was subject to improvements in 1800 with the introduction of the tomato and mozzarella toppings that we all know well today. In 1889 the Pizza Margherita was born, along with the name, given by the Neapolitan Pizza chef Raffaele Esposito in honour of the Queen Margherita.

Within our Naples Pizza tour, you will enjoy the most loved variations on the theme of pizza, in the stunning beauty of the historical city centre, the well-known Neapolitan omelettes, a fabulous dessert and, of course, an espresso coffee.


3,5 hours tour in Naples with at least 4 eating pizza stops.​


  • Handmade Napolitan tarallo - it represents the most traditional street food in Naples. A salty and crumbly biscuit, with a dash of black pepper, almonds and lard, the latter being the basic ingredient capable of granting a unique taste. A must try!
  • Fried pizza - also known as “people’s pizza” because it used to be sold on the streets by women in the aftermath of WW2 to make up the wages. It is often presented filled with tomato, ricotta and provola (traditional Italian cheeses). The tour will unveil to you the most typical ones, in the oldest chip shops known only by Naples’ locals.
  • Pasta omelette - fried pasta, called “frittata ‘e maccarune” is a must try of Neapolitan tradition. Simple preparation yet unbelievable taste, you will definitively love it!
  • Pizza marinara or margherita - the true one, the traditional pizza which itself is worth a visit to Naples.
  • Snowflake - be ready to enjoy one of the best desserts you have ever tried. Its recipe is strictly secret and you will not believe in your mouth when you try it!
  • Espresso - the best coffee in Italy is in Naples. You will try it in the most historical bar in Naples, considered as gourmet all over the world!


Local foodie Italian and English speaking

Area: Naples downtown. It’s not only about eating, but also walking along the oldest streets and the most important attraction of the city with this Naples food tour. 

It’s a social dining experience. People from all over the world sharing food stories enjoying a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. Therefore, we have a 2 people minimum and 10 people maximum policy. If the minimum number of guests is not reached, we will contact you to reschedule onto another time or date (100% refund). 

Expect 1 serving minimum at each stop. Water, wine or beer/soft drinks will be served. 

Child policy: below 5 years old are free of charge. From 6 to 12 have 50% discount. 

Allergies: please let us know if you suffer of any food allergy or intolerance. Do Eat Better will not be responsible for any guest not informing us about special dietary restrictions at the time of the booking. 


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100% refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity. Add your protection during the booking.


We will guide you through unique experiences, eating a lot in different locations, walking in the most beautiful areas of the city or cooking local dishes. Discover our best experiences. 






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