Marbella Food Tour

  • 2-10 seats
  • 06:00 pm (Wed/Sun)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with 5 stops
  • El Faro de Marbella (next to the hotel)
  • 2-10 seats
  • 06:00 pm (Wed/Sun)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3,5 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with 5 stops
  • El Faro de Marbella (next to the hotel)


Do you want to discover Marbella in a funny, tasty and different way? Sign up for our Marbella food tour organized by experts of the local culture and food tradition. They will lead you through the colorful streets of the old town, where you discover the origin of this unique mix of cultures and where Arabic tradition melts with Spanish folklore.

You will have the chance to try tapas and dishes that are not proposed during common tourist tours and you’ll know more about the origin of the local cuisine, exploring delicious tastes.

Marbella was born during the Arabic domination, with the construction of the fortress Alcazaba in the 10th century. Seven centuries of Muslim domination are still evident in many aspects of the landscape and in food culture: the typical Arabic spices, for instance, are very present in the local food culture.

During Marbella food tour, we’ll visit the beautiful beach walk, where contemporary buildings host many restaurants and walk to the top of the hill, where the city was born.

After the experience, your knowledge about the culture will be a lot deeper than before and your belly will be full and pleased.

Do you feel ready for discovering the taste of Marbella thanks to our tasty Marbella food tour?

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3 hours food tour in Marbella with 5 eating stops.


  • Pescaito frito - A mix of different types of fish (typically anchovies, acedias, hake, calamari and shrimps) is fried after being tarnished in flour. Once the fish is ready, salt and fresh lemon are added.
  • Salmorejo casero - Salmorejo is the Andulisian variant of gazpacho. It is typically eaten in summer to refresh one’s palate. This creamy could soup is made of tomatoes, bread crumbs, vinegar from Jerez, EVO oil and salt.
  • Flautitas de pollo con guacamole - Dough rolls filled with chicken and garnished with guacamole, tomatoes, basil and sour cream.
  • Chicharrones de chiclana - fried pieces of marinated pork meat (marinated with laurel, oregano, salt and garlic).
  • Chorizo de bellota - cured acorn sausage.
  • Lomo de orzo - orzo loin (marinated loin, pan cooked; marination: laurel, garlic, cumin, salt, olive oil, white wine, pepper, oregano, cinnamon).
  • Lomito de bellota - Cured acorn loin.
  • Paletillia de bellota - cured acorn ham.
  • Lomo de orzo - orzo loin (marinated loin, pan cooked; marination: laurel, garlic, cumin, salt, olive oil, white wine, pepper, oregano, cinnamon).
  • Berenjenas de almagro - Aubergines cooked in oil with cumin, pepper, sweet paprika, salt, garlic, white wine vinegar and water.
  • Alcachofa aliñada - garlic artichoke (artichokes cooked and marinated with salt, lemon, garlic, parsley, eggs, capers, pepper and oil).
  • Croquetas caseras de jamón - These delicious croquettes are cooked with bechamel sauce (flour, butter, milk and nutmeg), salt, pepper, onion, EVO olive oil, ham, eggs and bread crumbs. With these ingredients the croquettes are brought into their typical oval shape and fried in hot oil.
  • Gelato - 2 tastes (2 balls) in cup or cone (normal cone, wafer, or chocolate cone). Homemade ice cream, produced by the most historical and traditional ice saloon of Marbella.
  • “Pintxo andaluz” - You can choose 2 out of a wide range of tidbits: fish, meat, ham, vegetables or tortilla, whatever you prefer.


Local expert English/Spanish/German/Italian speaking will guide you.

Area: The tour will take place in Marbella downtown, you will taste the best gourmet tapas and visit the oldest streets, passing by the most important attractions of the city.

It’s a social dining experience. People from all over the world sharing food stories enjoying a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. Therefore, we have a 3 people minimum and 10 people maximum policy. If the minimum number of guests is not reached, we will contact you to reschedule onto another time or date (100% refund). 

Expect 1 serving minimum at each stop. Water, wine or beer/soft drinks (in fixed amounts) will be served. 

Child policy: children below 5 years old are free of charge. Children from 5 to 12 have 50% discount. 

Allergies: please let us know if you suffer from any food allergy or intolerance. Do Eat Better will not be responsible for any guest not informing us about special dietary restrictions at the time of the booking. 


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Double your drinks during the tour. Add your Special Drink Card during booking.


100% refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity. Add your protection during the booking.


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