Florence Traditional Food Tour

  • 2-10 seats
  • 11:30 am (Tue/Sat) or 6:30 pm (Wed/Fri)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3,5 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with at least 4 stops
  • Piazza dell'Unità Italiana 6 (Grand Hotel Baglioni)
  • 2-10 seats
  • 11:30 am (Tue/Sat) or 6:30 pm (Wed/Fri)
  • Food & drink included
  • 3,5 hours in total
  • Walking food tour with at least 4 stops
  • Piazza dell'Unità Italiana 6 (Grand Hotel Baglioni)


Are you Visiting Florence? Don’t miss our Florence Food tour by Locals along with a glimpse of the city’s attraction and cultural sites!
Florence’s and Tuscany’s gastronomic tradition, are also well known. Yet, for this reason, it could be difficult to decide and make the right choice about food.
That’s why we create a Florence food tour, that offers an overview of the many tasty specialties of the city, moving from selected cured meats and cheeses, to different types of pasta, strictly kneaded by hand. Also different sorts of plant-based dishes, which became internationally famous for their rustic taste, such as the pappa al pomodoro and the ribollita.
A tour capable of pleasing both the eyes and the palate and to be associated with our selection of wines from Tuscany (such as the globally known Chianti), with our Drinking Card!

Are you ready for the ultimate Florence food tour? Book now, we offer you a free cancellation.

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3,5 hours food tour in Florence with at least 4 stops.


  • Cured meats and local cheeses from Tuscany - a traditional Florencian aperitivo, tasting local meats, cheeses and toasted bread, along with a glass of Chianti, in the framework of one of the oldest and most famous wine.
  • Potatoes tortelli - a recipe from Mugello, the hill country area around Florence. Rectangular and stuffed with potatoes, parmesan cheese, walnut, and salt. Strictly kneaded by hand in a top ranking trattoria of Firenze.
  • Pici - the traditional spaghetti from Tuscany kneaded by hand and topped with an extraordinary sauce of black cabbage and bacon (other options are available upon choice).
  • Coccoli - marbles of deep-fried dough, served with prosciutto crudo (a very tasty ham from Tuscany) and stracchino cheese (savoury and creamy cheese). They are the best example of Florence street food: a unique delicacy!
  • Pappa al pomodoro - a dish from the farmers’ tradition, wisely prepared in the same way since generations, in one of the most typical and lively trattoria of Florence.
  • Ribollita - one cannot leave Florence without having tried this traditional soup made with bread and vegetables. Eating is believing!
  • Ice Cream/ Cantucci e vin santo- they both represent the best possible conclusion for a Florence meal. You shall taste the cantucci and vin santo in one of the most renowned and traditional patisserie of the city center. Otherwise, you will taste one of the best ice cream in town in a gourmet ice cream shop.


Local foodie Italian, English, Spanish and Franch speaking will guide you.

Area: This
Florence food tour will take place in Florence downtown, mostly in pedestrian area internationally known for their beauty.

It’s a social dining experience. People from all over the world sharing food stories enjoying a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. Therefore, we have a 2 people minimum and 10 people maximum policy. If the minimum number of guests is not reached, we will contact you to reschedule onto another time or date (100% refund). 

Expect 1 serving minimum at each stop. Water, wine or beer/soft drinks will be served. 

Child policy: children below 5 years old are free of charge. Children from 6 to 12 have 50% discount. 

Allergies: please let us know if you suffer from any food allergy or intolerance. Do Eat Better will not be responsible for any guest not informing us about special dietary restrictions at the time of the booking. 


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100% refund up to 24 hours before the start of the activity. Add your protection during the booking.


We will guide you through unique experiences, eating a lot in different locations, walking in the most beautiful areas of the city or cooking local dishes. Discover our best experiences. 



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