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Do you want to share your travel experience with everyone? Advice on a city you visited? Interesting curiosities about your city? Typical recipes?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Write an article and join the Do Eat Better community!

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a blogger or a first-time writer…anyone is free to send us their travel stories and useful tips as long as they are in line with our topics. If you have a blog, however, we will be happy to include a link to your blog in the bio!

what we look for

Before sending us an article take a look at our blog to get a rough idea of the topics we write about.

We are mainly looking for articles that are in line with the destinations we have already written about (in particular Italy, France and Spain). But if you have something else in mind, please submit it and we will be happy examine it!

Our articles are always related to the world of travel and cooking, but let’s see more in detail:

  • Tips and itineraries in your city: which is the city you know like the back of your hand? Definitely the one you live in! So why not start there? Tell us all the tips that only locals know! Write about what to do, see, where to stay, what to eat and all those tips that only locals know. Look at this article and keep it as an example!
  • Tips and itineraries of cities you have visited: To fully enjoy a city you should visit it twice, at the end of the first time, in fact, you can make an account of what you would do again and what you would avoid if you went back there. So why not share this wealth of knowledge with others? You have visited a city, do you have any useful tips to share? what absolutely to do? what not to do? What to eat? What to visit? Then write a guide for future travellers!

Check out our sample article here.

  • Not only cities…but also outdoor trips and less frequented routes: Day trips outside the big cities, less touristy routes, excursions, etc. are all possible topics for our blog! Look at an example here.
  • Recipes and traditional dishes: Do you want to propose the recipe of your city that you love so much? Follow our examples and write a couple of curiosities about the recipe, ingredients and procedure.
  • topics related to food & travel: Do you have in mind an article that doesn’t fit in the above mentioned ones, but that you think is in line with our blog? Send it to us freely and we will evaluate the content!

Guidelines for your article

  • the article must be authentic, i.e. it must not have been published anywhere else. it is an essential requirement!
  • the article must be at least 400 words, longer articles are welcome!
  • if you want to attach photos, make sure that they are of high quality and copyright free, i.e. that they can be used freely by us. For any copyright infringement, the person providing the photos will be held responsible.
  • Please also send a profile photo and a short biography ( take as a model the bio you can find in our articles) with, possibly, links to your social profiles and blog.
  • Please note that our editors may edit the article and keywords to make it more in line with our style.

So, are you ready to write?

What are you waiting for, send us your article to reservations@doeatbetter.com and we’ll be happy to read it!