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What are Food Tours and why they are always a good idea

We love to explore new destinations from a food perspective

There are many things to do when visiting a new city: museums to explore, itineraries to follow, monuments to photograph and, why not, some time for shopping.
Often, however, there are many other things that not even the best tour guides mention. We’re talking about those secrets that only a local person, who lives in that city every day, is able to know and can therefore tell.
But if you don’t have any local friends who can take you around and tell you these secrets, how can you do that?! The traditional guided tour can be very boring… unless there are some tasty stops involved! That’s why food and wine tours are the ideal solution!

Taylormade just for you

Food tours as a way to discover the history and gastronomic traditions of a city

Taking part in a food tour means visiting a city from a totally different point of view.
During the tour you will have the opportunity to admire the city, to look around and to discover the most beautiful and important monuments.
Moreover, food tours usually include a few stops during which your local food expert will tell you something about history, curiosities and unusual anecdotes. The local food expert is always a person who knows the place well and for this reason will explain things that books and guides cannot possibly tell you!
But that’s not all! The local food expert will take you to the best restaurants and eateries in his city because who better than a local can recommend you the best places to eat?
You can discover the traditions and secrets behind the recipes handed down from generation to generation sitting comfortably at the table in the best restaurants.

Learn everything about local food

Through the typical cuisine you can deeply understand the customs and traditions of a territory, immerse yourself in the habits and feel part of them.
Imagine taking part in a food tour in Italy and being able to taste the great variety of typical dishes of a city, accompanied by the enthusiasm and cheerfulness typical of this beautiful country!

Great people.
Amazing tours.
Tasty food.

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Food tours: more than just food!

During a food and wine tour you get in touch with the history of the place you are visiting, learn about the cultural transformations related to food and wine, listen to anecdotes, get to know the habits of the locals and chat with those who really know that city.

Share the culture.

Local connection to the cities.

Make friends.

Meet new people all over the world.

Free cancellation.

Change of plans? You can cancel anytime.

Food is the king.

Everything is about food.

Trusted brand.

Many cities, excellent reviews, one platform.

Avoid tourist traps.

Only venues chosen by locals.

Food tours led by locals make you feel like a welcomed guest in a friend’s house

Do Eat Better Experience food tours are always led by locals and this makes the experience 100% authentic.
Have you ever visited a friend in his city following him through the various monuments, hidden corners and having dinner in his favourite restaurant? Well, this is exactly what happens during a tour.
Our local experts are first of all prepared, reliable and professional, but they are also locals who are in love their city.
Imagine taking part in a food tour in Spain and being able to go around with a local between bars and tapas clubs… do you already feel that joy?!

Food tours save you time and avoid risks

Another great reason to take part in a food tour is the balance between planning and authenticity. The first one, in fact, does not exclude the other.
The local food experts will inform all the restaurants on the tour of your arrival.
This means not only that you won’t have to wait to get in, but also that the owners may want and have time to stop and talk to you to tell you their story, their dishes and maybe leave you some tips about their recipes!
Booking a food tour will avoid the disappointment of arriving in front of the restaurant recommended by a guide and discover that it is full or, even worse, that there is nothing left of the original restaurant and that it is now frequented only and exclusively by tourists!

Food tours offer unforgettable experiences

Finally, remember that taking part in a food tour means living an unforgettable experience!
We have already told you this, but a food tour will allow you to discover the city in a completely unique way.
During the tour, you will also get to know other people who share the same interests and with whom you will make friends.
In front of a good meal we are all more relaxed, besides the limited number of participants will certainly facilitate the conversation!
We strongly believe that food tours are a beautiful gift for a friend’s birthday, a romantic thought for the partner or even a great idea for a bachelorette party!

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