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Do Eat Better Experience: Food Tours in Savona

Are you planning a trip to Savona, Italy? If you are looking for a special experience, this is the right place. Get ready for a Food Tour in Savona by Do Eat Better Experience to taste local food and tradition.

What to do in Savona? A Do Eat Better Experience Food Tour, of course!

Are you wondering what to do in Savona, Italy (“Italia”), as you may pass by during a cruise or before taking the boat to Corse or Sardinia (“Sardegna”)?
Savona is a small Italian port city, very close to Genoa (“Genova”) and located in the Western Ligurian Riviera, but it’s full of activities.
This area is a good place to swim, ride a bike, walk, relax and… eat good typical food.

Top things to do in Savona, a port city rich in history and Ligurian food

First of all, the city is close to some of the best beaches in Liguria. The ones in Albisola and Bergeggi, in front of the Bergeggi Isle (“Isola di Bergeggi”), are just some of them and you can go there by car, train or bus.
The picturesque old town is rich in history. Here, you can see the Torretta, an iconic tower building on the city seaside, and the Priamar Fortress (“Fortezza del Priamar”), a military fortification built in the 16th century.
To take a walk in the city streets is a good way to taste the Ligurian best food. But you need a guide!
Are you planning a day in Savona? Or just an evening after the daily Ligurian Riviera efforts?
Get ready for a Food Tour in Savona by Do Eat Better Experience, an unforgettable food-based adventure in Italian taste and tradition.

Walking Food Tour: a new way to discover Savona

Do Eat Better Experience has planned a new way to discover Savona over the usual activities.
We offer to you a very special Walking Food Tour, tourist traps free. A Local Food Expert will tell you anecdotes and curiosities and will lead you through the city streets, restaurants, wine bars and cafes.
Thanks to this Food Tour in Savona, you will visit the city center and meet new friends.

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