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Do Eat Better Experience: Food Tours in Pisa

Are you planning a trip to Pisa, Italy? If you are looking for a special experience, this is the right place. Get ready for a Food Tour in Pisa by Do Eat Better Experience to taste local food and tradition.

What to do in Pisa? A Do Eat Better Experience Food Tour, of course!

from-Florence-to-Pisa“Mistakes are necessary, as useful as bread and often beautiful: for example, the Tower of Pisa”.
Pisa is a small yet romantic city in Italy (“Italia”) rich in art and history. In the old times, it was very close to the Mediterranean Sea, so much that it has been one of the most powerful sea cities in Italy. This is a must to visit town in Tuscany (“Toscana”), as well as Florence (“Firenze”) or Siena.

Best things to do in Pisa: there is much more to see than the Tower

This fascinating Italian city needs to be discovered walking slowly through its streets.
There are not only the famous tower and Piazza dei Miracoli (litterally “the Square of Miracles”). In fact, many other great attractions deserve your attention.
For example, the city centre is very lovely. Lungarno, the urban area next to the Arno river, is a nice and lively place where to take a walk or taste local food.
So, one of the best way to really enjoy this city is learning about its culinary tradition.
Are you planning a day in Pisa? Or just an evening, after the daily efforts in Tuscany?
Get ready for a Food Tour in Pisa by Do Eat Better Experience, an unforgettable food-based adventure in Italian taste and tradition.

Walking Food Tour: a new way to discover Pisa

Do Eat Better Experience has planned a new way to discover Pisa over the usual activities. We offer you a very special Walking Food Tour, tourist traps free. A Local Food Expert will tell you anecdotes and curiosities and will lead you through the city streets, restaurants, wine bars and cafes.
Thanks to this Food Tour in Pisa, you will visit the city center and meet new friends.

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