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Do Eat Better Experience Langhe reds of Piedmont Wine Tasting

Do Eat Better Experience Langhe reds of Piedmont Wine Tasting leads you to drink typical local wines. No tourist traps allowed! A Wine Expert will guide you to taste some of the best typical red wines in Langhe. Enjoy a food based experience in a relaxing atmosphere with new friends!
Meeting point Piazza Italia, 6 (Neive-Borgonovo) Get directions
Scheduled slots 11.00 am & 5.30 pm from Mon-Sun
from €45 per person Best price guarantee
1 hour in total
Unique location
2-12 seats
Wine tasting class

Langhe Reds of Piedmont Wine possible tastings

Expect a wondering wine tasting in the picturesque town of Neive, in Langhe. A Wine Expert will guide you through the Italian wine tasting. You will drink some of the best reds in Piedmont wine tradition.
Be ready for an immersive Food Experience in a relaxing atmosphere! Here is a list of our Langhe Food and Reds of Piedmont wine tastings:

  • Barbera: this is the most common grape in Piedmont and third one behind Sangiovese and Montepulciano. Barbera gives birth to many and different wines which depends on elements such as soil and area.
  • Freisa: unknown to most people outside of Piedmont, it is an original and local wine. Freisa is described as a light wine, fragrant with delicate tannins and incredible drinkability. It comes from a vigorous vine. When young, it is a fresh wine. Passing time, it takes on riper tones.
  • Dolcetto: it is a typical grape of the area in-between Liguria and Piedmont. While Barbera and Nebbiolo should be more acidic, Dolcetto has low acidity. To the palate, it is very soft, as usual of the ripe grapes. Its name is from the Italian term “dolce” which means “sweet”, a typical trait of ripe grapes.
  • Charcuterie: in addition to the glasses of the best local wines you may find in your trip to the area, you can also have a taste of local cheeses, cured meats and other delicacies like local PDO hazelnuts.

Do Eat Better Experience Langhe reds of Piedmont Wine Tasting is a must-do for foodies

As you can see, this Do Eat Better Experience Langhe Wine Tasting is the perfect match between wine tasting and a real local experience.
This is a social dining experience in Langhe. People from all over the world sharing food stories, enjoying a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. We have a 2 people minimum and 10 people maximum policy. If the minimum number of guests is not reached, we will contact you to reschedule onto another time or date (100% refund).

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Langhe Reds of Piedmont Wine Tasting

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