discover Italian best cities from a CULINARY PERSPECTIVE

Bored of classic tourist tour around the city? 
Are you looking for a different way of visiting Italy?

We are here to offer you interesting and different experiences on the most popular cities in Italy. 
Experiences that combine few but important elements: our cooking experiences & walking food tours in Italy!

Local Food.

Everything is about local food. Enjoy the best dishes of the city, visiting restaurants that guides don’t mention. No tourist traps. You will discover Italian food like never before.

Local Food Experts.

You will be guided by a local foodie who really knows the city and its culinary tradition. During our food tours in Italy, they will explain the food you will enjoy, its history and tradition. You will have some lovely hours in their company! Local food won’t have secrets to you anymore.

The City as Background.

You will walk around the most important and historical areas, you will see the main monuments, but you will not have to listen to long and boring explanations. Look at them, take pictures… But with our food tours you will stop in restaurants where to eat the best food in the city

Why hesitate? Don’t miss the opportunity to join our special food tours in Italy and get the best of your visit!