“Gourmet” word origin is French, and it couldn’t have any other.ย 

France is worldwide known, together with Italy, for its unique food culture.ย 

If you have been in France you have been amazed by its chefs (another French word!) that contribuited actively to build its heritage.

Every region has food differences. From the Atlantic North, to a warm and Mediterranean South, you can taste all the best food specialities.ย 
Sometimes when you don’t have enough time is difficult to find the best places in order to taste all the best food in a city.ย 

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We organize authentic food tours in France that will bring you visiting the best restaurants that turistic guides don’t mention, in small groups of people (you will meet new friends) or private groups, for you and your friends if you need.ย 

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A local food expert will guide you in a walking experience around the city center, explaining you in a pleasant way the culinary tradition of the city.ย 

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