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Team Building & Corporate events

Interest in an unforgettable corporate event?

What do all corporate event types have in common?

They all reflect the goals of a specific company and aim at realising these goals by gathering people in one place. The success of your event pretty much depends on people who work on it. Whether you are a seasoned corporate event professional or an ambitious beginner, building a good network of reliable vendors and suppliers is your means of sharing responsibilities with people you can truly trust.
Food events are a powerful tactic for elevating your company’s performance, facilitating personal growth, enhance team building and levelling up your workforce. Nothing more than good food in a quality environment is more suitable for creating long-lasting, solid professional relationships.
By choosing one of our walking food tours, or one of our cooking experiences, you will have the opportunity to taste the food delights from our beautiful cities, finding out secret places that tour guides don’t even mention. They are social dining experiences: you can choose whether gathering your group in an exclusive private event or whether joining people from all over the world and sharing food stories enjoying a relaxing and joyful atmosphere.
No matter the needs of your group, our international team of Food and Event experts will make sure to give you the tastiest experience ever with a real team building experience!

What you can expect

  • Professional Team Building
  • At least 5 different tastings in as many restaurants
  • Full belly guaranteed
  • Dedicated event manager who will follow the whole process
  • Highly specialised Local Expert leading the tour
  • English Local Expert available 7 days a week + other languages on request
  • Ability to accommodate vegetarian options
  • Moderate amount of walking in the most beautiful mostly pedestrian only areas of the cities

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