Sicilian arancini: history and secrets of the famous Sicilian rice balls

arancino recipe

Sicilian arancini: history and secrets of the famous Sicilian rice balls Among the most imitated food in the world, Sicilian arancini are one of the masterpieces that the regional cuisine offers to locals and visitors. Their crispy shell contains a soft heart made of rice, history, secrets and myths that make this plate a must-have […]

Farinata recipe a typical Genoa street food

onion farinata recipe

Farinata recipe: the secret of a classic of genoa street food tradition Farinata, “fainâ” in dialect, is a typical Genoese recipe, a tasty main course, but also an inevitable protagonist of the city’s street food. Farinata recipe is composed of a few simple ingredients, which together give life to a dish with a rich and […]

Neapolitan ragù sauce

neapolitan ragu

Neapolitan ragù recipe Neapolitan ragù is not only a simple recipe: it’s a ceremony which is transmitted and spread for centuries in every Neapolitan family, from generation to generation. In this article we will tell you the history and the recipe of Neapolitan ragù, so that you could try to do it when you come […]

Eating in Florence with a traditional summer recipe: panzanella

panzanella eating florence

EATING IN FLORENCE WITH A TRADITIONAL SUMMER RECIPE: PANZANELLA Eating in Florence during summertime means to try an unmissable traditional delicacy which will cool you down, the delicious and refreshing “Panzanella”. You can enjoy it while seated in front of the marvelous Duomo, or in the narrow and lively streets and squares of the city. […]

Sicilian cannolo, the real Palermo street food

palermo food tour cannolo

The REAL street food in Palermo: cannolo ancient recipe Either you are leisure or business travelers, or foodies going around the city on a food tour, you can’t leave without tasting the famous Sicilian cannolo, known all around the globe in many different versions as a symbol of Palermo street food. Cannolo is indeed among the top […]