Top 10 food in Genoa

top 10 food in genoa

Top 10 food in genoa Hello, I am Marina from Genoa and in this post I am going to tell you the top 10 food in Genoa you definitively need to eat when passing by. When I think about my city I see a 60 year old lady, elegant yet modest, very educated who speaks […]

Things to see in Palermo

ballarò market palermo

THINGS TO SEE IN PALERMO IN A WEEKEND Some days ago, during one of my food tours in Palermo, a lovely couple from Netherlands told me: «Palermo is astonishing, we didn’t expect so much beauty!» Sure this awoke so much pride in me, but I wondered if those who visit the city have enough awareness […]

Best food in Bologna

best food in bologna

Best food in Bologna: 10 must-try goodies in the “Fat” town Welcome to Bologna, the “Fat” town! Here an amazing, old culinary tradition has attracted thousands of visitors in the past few years. We take it very seriously with dozens of dedicated events, meetings and associations, founded in order to preserve this tradition. Surprisingly to […]

Food in Cinque Terre

food in cinque terre

FOOD IN CINQUE TERRE Talking about Italy means talking about food. The peculiar thing about the Italian food is that each place has its own specialties, that’s why eating is the best way to get familiar with the local culture. Due to the large variety of dishes you can find, choosing something to eat can […]

Rome in one day

roma in un giorno

ROME IN ONE DAY: WHAT TO SEE IN 9 STOPS Visiting Rome in one day is a big challenge! Of course you won’t be able to see everything the city has to offer, nor will you be able to visit all its magnificent museums, but by following this itineraryyou will surely have a taste of […]


what to see in florence in one day

WHAT TO SEE IN FLORENCE IN ONE DAY Florence is a picturesque city; it is considered as the “cradle of the Renaissance” due to its impressive heritage of art and history which signs can be found all over the world. I honestly have to say that it’s very hard to see Florence in one day.  Anyway, […]

What to see in Verona in one day

what to see in verona in one day

what to see in verona in one day “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” Everyone knows this line from Romeo and Juliet, and which better place to relive its magic other than in fair Verona? You could be surprised by how much this city has to offer: one day here wouldn’t be enough! But, […]

Drinking in Cinque Terre

cinque terre wine

DRINKING IN CINQUE TERRE The area of Cinque Terre is one of the most popular in Italy. The five little villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are especially known for the beauty of their landscapes, the sea and the food; however another thing these lands are famous for, it’s their winemaking tradition which […]

Top 10 food in Palermo

top 10 food in palermo

EATING IN PALERMO: 10 MUST-HAVE GOODIES WHEN YOU’RE IN TOWN Ok, let’s say it: it could be another top 10 list of what to eat in Palermo.Eating is among the best things to do in Palermo, and tourists are usually well conscious that they’re landing in the capital of fried, delicious and always available food […]

Top 10 food in Naples

top 10 food in naples

top 10 food in naples Are you in Naples for few days? Do you want to discover the city and its culture through its food but you only have a week in Naples? This city is synonymous of street food, so here’s a list of top 10 food in Naples you can’t miss, maybe while having one […]