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What to see in Verona in one day

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Everyone knows this line from Romeo and Juliet, and which better place to relive its magic other than in fair Verona?

You could be surprised by how much this city has to offer: one day here wouldn’t be enough!

But, if you plan to visit Verona in one day, this article is here to help you organize your trip.

So, what are the things you can do in Verona in one day?

The city has a lot of history, and most of it can be seen and touched fist hand just by walking in the city centre.

Here the list of what to see in Verona in one day:

Juliet’s Balcony

Immerse yourself in the most iconic love story of all time at Juliet’s house. There you will see the names written by lovers from all around the world and, of course, Juliet’s world famous balcony, where you can climb and take a super romantic picture.


The Arena

Ready to go back of almost 2000 years? Visiting the amphitheater in Verona you can imagine roman gladiators fighting each other, or against wild animals, or even engaging naval battles!

If you are visiting during winter you will see the Arena just like it was during the Roman Empire, while if you are visiting during summer, you might want to add a layer of amazement and enjoy an Opera play in this unique setting.

Lastly, did you know that the Arena in Verona is more ancient than the Colosseum in Rome?


Romeo’s House

Were you aware that Romeo’s house exists too? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to only have Juliet’s one!

This building remains, to this day, a private house, but this won’t stop you from being able to admire its characteristic medieval looks from the outside.


If you really want to know what to see in Verona in one day, we need to Continue with medieval buildings. Verona couldn’t deprive itself of a proper castle. Built mainly for defense purposes by the La Scala family, it maintains still today a remarkable importance and impressiveness in the looks of the city.

You can discover this building by visiting its museum of medieval Veronese art, and you can cross the river by walking through its beautiful fortified bridge.


Ponte Pietra

Castelvecchio’s bridge isn’t the only interesting bridge in Verona, and not even its oldest: this record goes to Ponte Pietra, the only Roman bridge still standing in the city!


Roman Theatre

Crossing Ponte Pietra, you will get to Verona’s Roman Theatre, where you can visit its archaeological museum or attend either a concert, a ballet, or a Shakespearean play, if you’re visiting during summer.

Castel San Pietro

Continuing with this virtual tour, next to the Roman Theatre you can climb some hidden stairs that will lead you to the top of a hill, where you will find Castel San Pietro, an Austro-Hungarian military headquarter.

From there you will have the most beautiful view of the city from above!



It wouldn’t be an Italian city without having a lot of churches, and Verona doesn’t make an exception: some of the most important ones are San Fermo, Sant’Anastasia, the Cathedral Santa

Maria Assunta and San Zeno.

These churches will enchant you with their styles: all of them are in fact considered masterpieces of Romanesque and Italian Gothic art. Spectacular even only from the outside, you will be amazed if you decide to enter and discover all the frescoes and altarpieces that they guard.


Last but not least: it wouldn’t be a real trip to an Italian city without trying its local food, and what better way than to combine both food and history?

Well, we have the perfect suggestion for you! With Do Eat Better Experience food tours you taste the right mix between savory dishes from the agricultural background of the surroundings, the awesome and rich variety of wines which vineyards embrace the city, and the delicacies coming from the fact that Verona has historically been a strategic outpost and a meeting point between northern Europe and southern Italy.

Some of the traditional food you might be able to try are risotto, bigoli pasta, polenta, horse meat, and of course wine… all of this while walking through the amazing buildings and history that the city has to offer!


So, if you only have one day to spend in Verona, this might be your best chance to visit it and discover its secrets… what are you waiting for? Check out our Verona food tour!