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seville plaza de espana

What to do in Seville Spain

Seville is the capital of the autonomous region called Andalusia, located in the very south the Spanish pensinsula.

As the biggest city of this region and located strategically between the center of the country and the coasts (Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz), it attracts loads of tourist throughout the whole year.

If you are planning a trip to this city, you might think about the best things to do in Seville, so… here are some tips for you:

1. Visit the Royal Palace

The first that will strike your eyes, when entering the city of Seville, is the Royal Palace Alcázar, where the aristocratic dynasties used to reside.

You cannot even imagine what its walls enclose… a complex of palaces, fortresses and gardens that since time immemorial have witnessed the history of the city. Since today Spain is one of the few European parliamentary monarchies, its outbuildings are still used by the royalty of Spain, which makes Alcázar the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe.

Where is the food part at this stop? Right on the corner of the Royal Palace you will find a bar which offers the BEST churros con chocolate (long-shaped doughnuts to be dipped in hot chocolate) in town!

Royal Palace Alcázar

2. Walking tour through the city

If you enjoy walking you will be very glad to discover that the city of Seville can be perfectly visited on foot! During a walk from the lowest point of the center (the aquarium) to the highest (Setas) you can include some stops at local restaurants or even join our walking food tour through Seville, during which not only you will taste the best local food but also see the most important attractions during a walking sightseeing tour.

On the whole, the city center can be covered in 2-3 hours of walk and stopping over, with approximately 2 km distance from one end to the other.

seville plaza espana

3. Restaurant visit

From traditional bodegas, to modern Michelin Gourmet Restaurants, from street food at the market to wine and tapas, Seville doesn’t lack anything.

As you might know, the traditional dinner in this part of Spain starts with tapas, small hot or cold dished based on regional ingredients and usually accompanied by local wine or beer.

Typical recipes served by many eateries are: the Spanish potato tortilla, cheese and jamón Serrano, spinach with chickpeas, fried anchovies, carrillada de cerdo (pork) and other delicacies. Most of these dishes are tried during our walking food tour.

seville restaurants

4. Food Market

The are many traditional markets in Seville downtown, but the most famous one is for sure the “Mercado de la Encarnación” located under the famous Waffle-like structure of the Setas.

Do Eat Better always recommends buying at local food markets for multiple reasons: you support local small entrepreneurs, you buy local zero km ingredients, you will always get the freshest ingredients at the best price.

Don’t miss a trip to the market during your stay in Seville, this colourful and lively place is the best expression of the local traditional culture.

seville market

5. Flamenco Show

Many may know, that the real Spanish Flamenco was born in Seville, out of a fusion of Arabic music and instruments, local and gipsy culture being mixed in this melting pot of expressions.

What many people don’t know is, that also the younger generations feel a deep bond with this coming-back trend and the growing popularity of stars like Rosalia have brought an antique and supposedly out-dated music back to the national and international hotspot stages.

We highly recommend you to assist a live Flamenco show during your stay in Seville, this will make you understand even more the strong temperament of the Southern Spanish population.

flamenco show seville

This city of fusion, close to everything and loved by everybody has a long to-do and must-see list, we picked those which in our opinion a foodie like you can’t miss in Seville.

Hasta luego!