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What to do in La Spezia at night

Are you planning to spend the night in La Spezia and you are not sure of what this town has to offer?

Here are some tips on what to do in La Spezia at night!

Italian Aperitivo

If your evening is starting too early, I would suggest to start with an “aperitivo”. If you weren’t aware, this word refers to that moment at the end of the day, and just before dinner, used to nibble some food and a light cocktail (or wine). Here in La Spezia is easy to find great wine, such as the “Cinque Terre DOC” or other white and dry ones, so if you want to keep it local, I would choose some white wine and slices of Genoese focaccia, maybe some fried fish and olives.

You can choose to stay in the city center or to go a little further, where the Cinque Terre or Portovenere are. The aperitivo in Italy, is a huge thing! Just go for it!

If the aperitivo doesn’t sound good to you, and you are still wondering about what to do in La Spezia at night, you have also other options!

aperitivo la spezia

Theater or cinemas

For example, if you love arts, then it might be interesting to check what’s on in the theater of the city called “Teatro Civico”. There are many plays, operas, classical music concerts, ballets, musicals and more! If you are more into movies, I would recommend checking out what movie theaters are showing.

In La Spezia there are several cinemas, but the one close to the market square, called “Il Nuovo”, is the one that you might find interesting; as a matter of fact it’s the only cinema in the town where you have the chance to see highly rated films in their original version.


Another great way to spend the night in La Spezia might be a pub crawl! If you walk around the city center in the early afternoon, around 2pm, you will enjoy the quietest version of the town: all the shops are closed for the lunch break and there are no people around!
On the other hand, if you walk through the very same area at night, starting from 10pm you will have a very different experience. The advice is to look for pubs in the little alleys that start from the two main streets (via Prione and Corso Cavour).

According to your personal taste, you can choose between many wineries and pubs. There is something to suit every taste! Fancy and basic places, pub with live music or some poetry shows.

The two most iconic and crowded are without any doubt “La Loggia De’ Banchi” and “Distrò”. If you are a beer lover, and you are still not very sure about what to do in La Spezia at night, here is another tip! If you are charmed by the idea of drinking something local, but you’re also into the beer making process, then you should consider checking the two main breweries we have in the city: “La Spezia brewing Company” and “Il birrificio del Golfo”.

A food tour

testaroli pesto

If you have read so far and your still not sure about what to do in La Spezia at night, then you should consider going for the effortless and yet tastiest option you have, our Food Tour!
You will meet a local expert right in the city center and you will spend some hours together.

The concept of this tour is a little different from the other tours. There will be local food, of course, fun and at the end of the walk you will know the city from the locals point of view! It a special activity and it’s perfect if you need a glimpse of the city, especially if you just arrived here and you don’t know where to start from!

If you are interested, do not hesitate! Visit our website and book the tour in La Spezia Cinque Terre or tons of others cities!

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