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What to do in Venice

Walking Tour in Venice: discover Venice on foot

Venice, one of the most romantic cities in Italy and in the world, is one of those destinations that often fall in the top 10 of the destinations you want to visit at least once in your life. The Venetian capital is a unique city and, once visited, will remain anchored to memories as an unforgettable experience. Venice can be explored thanks to the lines of boats that travel along its canals, but the best way to enjoy the city is on foot. A walking tour in Venice will allow you to move through the city calmly and unhurriedly, enjoying every corner of the city.

walking tour in venice

Why discover Venice on foot

In Venice there are no cars so the only ways to get around the city are by boat or long walks.

Visiting Venice on foot, however, is the only way that will allow you to really enjoy the city: only in this way you can slip into hidden streets and get away from the usual itineraries already written and too beaten.

Walking through the Lagoon City you will enjoy the views between the houses, admire the reflections of its canals and see some gondolas in the distance.

To visit this city in a complete way you will need at least 3 days, in this way, after having visited the most famous attractions, you can let yourself go to explore the less known and less beaten by tourists.

During your 3 days in Venice, moreover, you cannot miss an evening walk. In the evening, Venice changes its look, it becomes even more fascinating and magical and the daily bustle seems like a distant memory. It is with the darkness that you will have the best walks!

walking tour in venice

What to see during a walking tour in Venice

Even with not much time available, walking is the best choice. Obviously, in this case, you will need to make choices about what to see. We have thought of 5 stops not to be missed during a walking tour in Venice.

  • Piazza San Marco: the most famous square in the city. Here overlook St. Mark’s Basilica, the Bell Tower, the Clock Tower and the Doge’s Palace.walking tour in Venice
  • Il Ponte dei Sospiri (The Bridge of Sighs): the small bridge that connected the Ducal Palace to the Prisons.
  • The Rialto Bridge: the most suggestive of the bridges crossing the Grand Canal.walking tour in venice
  • La Fenice Theatre: one of the most famous in Venice and one of the most important opera houses in the world.
  • The Bacari: the typical taverns found mainly in the districts of San Polo and Cannareggio.


What to taste absolutely during a walking tour in Venice

Another reason why a walking tour in Venice is the best choice to explore the city is the possibility to stop several times to taste some of the typical delicacies of its culinary tradition.

Inside the famous bacari you can taste the typical cicchetti (appetizers of all kinds) together with a good glass of wine. Among the dishes not to be missed are the folpetti stew, the sarde in saor, the creamed baccalĂ  and the mozzarella in carrozza. Your mouth is already watering, isn’t it?

Do Eat Better Experience: walking food tour in Venice

If we have convinced you that walking is the best choice for exploring the City of Canals, then you should consider taking part in our guided tour!

Ours is a very special walking tour of Venice: in fact, we will accompany you to discover the gastronomic tradition of the city.

During our Food Tour in Venice we will move inside the characteristic district of Cannareggio to discover the best Venetian bacari to taste cicchetti and ombre (the local wine glasses). In the meantime, you can visit the Jewish Ghetto, one of the most particular and relaxed areas of Venice.

You will be accompanied by a local expert who will tell you stories and curiosities about Venice, its long history and its gastronomic tradition. You will also have the opportunity to make friends with new people who, like you, have chosen to discover one of the most famous cities in the world in an alternative, authentic and… certainly delicious way!

If you are still not convinced, find out what are the 5 reasons to take part in a gastronomic tour in Venice and, if at that point you have chosen to join us, just send us an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us via WhatsApp at +39 329 17.90.647.

We are waiting for you!