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5 good reasons to visit Seville

“People in Seville are very happy, the lifestyle here is very relaxed, you can walk everywhere; it’s very easy.” (Paz Vega)

As stated a while ago by the famous Spanish actress, Seville is a city with a welcoming atmosphere, easy access and good vibes. The capital of the region Andalucía, located in Southern Spain, is famous for flamenco, its extraordinary monuments, the very visible traces of Muslim domination and.. last but not least its delicious food.

In this article we want to list 5 good reasons, why you should visit Seville, but there would be plenty more causes to make to not miss this Unesco World Heritage site.

The Alcázar

The Alcázar of Seville (the name in Spanish is “Reales Alcázares de Sevilla”) is a royal palace located in the very center of Seville. What was originally built as a Moorish fort has been expanded several times.

The palace is one of the best examples of Mudejar architecture, a style that developed during the Christian kingdom of Spain, but which used Islamic architectural influences. Charles V made adapted the fortress to the Gothic style, which makes it even more eye-catchy. When you stand in front of the Alcázar you will dream with open eyes of ancient Arabic times, battles, queens and kings and royal romances. Right at the corner of the fortress there is a very nice and traditional bar, where you can try the best “churros con chocolate”.

This typical Spanish dessert is a must have during your trip to this city and with our Food Tour in Seville you will be able to taste it.

visit seville alcazar

Plaza de Toros

The professional bullring called “Plaza de Toros” is located in the Arenal neighborhood of Seville, close to the river and at the edge of the old town. It was built in the 18th century. Nowadays it is owned by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. The architecture of the square is in the late-baroque style, characteristic of the second half of the 18th century. The project carried out by José Guerrero really stands out, since it consists of a large semi-circular arch with two Tuscan-style columns on its flanks and on them a balcony with a pediment finish. Every Andalusian city has its own bullring and even if might not be a fan of bullfights, you should visit the impressive building.

visit seville bullring

The Cathedral where a famous navigator rests

You can’t visit Seville without seeing its beautiful cathedral. Seville’s famous cathedral is one of the located in the centre of the old town, is the final resting place of the great navigator Christopher Columbus. Close to the door of Seville’s massive cathedral stands a monument to Christopher Columbus, which is said to be his tomb. But how did Columbus end up in Seville?

Well he died in Valladolid in 1506 and his body was then moved to Seville following the orders of his brother Diego. 40 years later the remains were moved again to the Dominican Republic and stayed there for more than 200 years. Suddenly, in 1795 Spain lost its dominion of the Dominican Republic and the remains of Columbus were moved to Cuba.

About hundred years later the final journey of Columbus took place, when his remains were moved the Seville and found their new resting place in the cathedral.

A detail not to be forgotten is that Seville’s Cathedral was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

visit seville cathedral


Flamenco is undoubtedly the purest expression of Andalusian folklore. Its origins go back to the fifteenth century, with the arrival of the gypsies in the areas around Cadiz, Jerez and Seville. In the mid-nineteenth century it became more popular and around 1885 the first official Flamenco concert stage was inaugurated in Seville. The trend spread rapidly and reached other cities of the South. Since that time, Flamenco music and dance are an essential part of the Andalusian culture and have converted themselves into the symbols of Seville. The Flamenco is for sure one of the most important things to see during your visit in Seville.

visit seville flamenco


As in many parts of Spain, also in Seville the social gatherings often start with some tapas. People sit together (or even stand), have drinks such as beer and wine and enjoy these small plates containing delicious local dishes. The most famous tapas are the world-famous patatas bravas, the ensaladilla rusa, ensalada de marisco, boquerones and many more delicacies we could endlessly list. If you are a fan of tapas and you like the idea of sharing dishes and socializing while eating, join our tapas tours through Seville. With our local guides and food experts you will get the best of the best of this warm and colourful city.

visit seville food

We hope you like our selection of the 5 good reasons to visit Seville and we are waiting for you to visit the city together with our Tapas Tour!