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5 reasons to visit Pisa

Pisa is the city of the Leaning Tower, the birthplace of Galileo Galilei and the seat of the University Normale, one of the most prestigious universities in Italy. Pisa is this and much more. Although its beauty is often overshadowed by nearby Florence and Siena, there are many reasons why it is really worth visiting Pisa at least once in a lifetime. We’ll tell you five of them!

1. Climb the Leaning Tower

It will be obvious, but climbing the Leaning Tower is certainly the first reason to visit Pisa.

The famous Tower of Pisa is actually the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Its construction began in 1173 and was interrupted almost immediately because of the slope of the building. The sandy ground on which it was built, in fact, made the tower incline already from the third floor. Work resumed in 1275, but was still slowed down and interrupted.

Even in recent years the tower has undergone restoration work: between 1990 and 2001, for example, work was once again carried out to consolidate the inclination of the building. In 2008 it settled at 3.97°, a value that should remain unchanged for another 300 years.

While visiting the city you should climb the Tower before discovering all the other things to see in Pisa, don’t you think?

visit pisa

2. Walking in Piazza dei Miracoli

Right at the foot of the famous Leaning Tower is Piazza dei Miracoli, a true symbol of Italian artistic beauty.

Only few places in the world are so rich in wonder.

Here you can visit the other symbols of Pisa: the Duomo, the Baptistery and the Campo Santo Monumentale.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built in 1063 and by looking at it you can see the presence of classical, Norman, Byzantine, early Christian and Arabic elements. This building tells the whole history of Pisa and the prestige it reached when it was still a Maritime Republic.

The Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist, instead, tells something else: the shortage of money. Precisely because of the lack of money, in fact, the builders had to use different materials to erect it: you will easily notice the contrast between white marble and red tiles.

Finally, before leaving Piazza dei Miracoli, visit the Campo Santo Monumentale: here are buried illustrious Pisan characters, but you can also admire ancient sarcophagi dating back to the Etruscan, Roman and medieval ages.

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3. Taste the typical dishes of the local tradition

You can’t visit Pisa without tasting the typical dishes of the city’s gastronomic tradition!

For this reason, our advice is to participate in one of our food tours: in this way you will have the opportunity to explore the historic center of the city accompanied by a local guide who will take you to the discovery of the best places and the most delicious dishes.

During our gastronomic tour in Pisa you will taste the local cold cuts, the excellent ribollita (a country soup whose recipe is handed down from generation to generation), the cecina and the Pisan cow, a local dish absolutely unforgettable.

Between one tasty stop and another you will get to know some of the most characteristic corners of Pisa and make friends with the other participants of the tour: a unique experience to remember the Tuscan city in the best way!

visit pisa

4. Observe Keith Haring’s mural


Tuttomondo is a beautiful mural by Keith Haring. During a stay in Pisa, in 1989, the artist decided to pay homage to the city with this open-air work of his.

The mural represents peace in the world, the encounter with the other and the different aspects of the same humanity.

This was one of the last works by Keith Haring who died in 1990.

5. Enjoying a sunset over the Lungarni

The last of the reasons why it is worth visiting Pisa is the sunset on the Lungarni.

Along the Arno river there are towers, bridges, palaces and churches that create a romantic atmosphere, almost out of time, especially at sunset, when the colors turn orange and red and then fade into pink and violet.

A walk along the Lungarni at sunset is a great way to end a day out in the city. An image that will remain forever in your heart and mind.


We hope to have convinced you to visit Pisa, a city that is really worth stopping to visit during a holiday in Tuscany.

We will be waiting for you to go together to discover the gastronomic delights of Pisa!