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5 good reasons to visit Naples

According to legend, Naples was founded by the siren Partenope who, still today, is buried where Castel dell’Ovo stands. What is one of the most famous cities in Southern Italy is also one of the most controversial: Naples is full of contrasts. Beauty mixes with disorder, antiquity with the modernity. Naples is not an easy city at all, but it does have the ability to leave no one indifferent and to get right to the heart. Today we have chosen to tell you what, in our opinion, are the 5 reasons why it is worth to visit Naples.

1. The pizza

Pizza is certainly one of the main reasons why Naples is one of the Italian cities not to be missed.

In Italy there are several variations of this recipe and there are those who are still trying to understand whether the Roman or Neapolitan pizza is better. We can tell you that both are very good, but Naples pizza is certainly the most famous pizza in the world.

Pizza, in the city of Campania, is pure tradition, it is part of the local culture, it is almost a real ritual.

Eating pizza in Naples is an unforgettable experience.

We at Do Eat Better Experience propose you to take part in one of our gastronomic tours in Naples: in this way you will have the opportunity to taste the pizza in its “wallet version” during the tour dedicated to Neapolitan street food, but also to learn how to prepare it during a cooking class.

visit naples italy pizza

2. The coffee

After the pizza you need a nice coffee… and Naples is the right place to drink it!

As for pizza, the Neapolitans have a real ritual for coffee too. Coffee in Naples is a true art, an act of love to be done absolutely without haste.

Among the things to taste in Naples, coffee can never miss and that’s why our tours always end in front of a nice tazzulella e’ cafè. Also our Napoli Gastronomic Tour Pizza&Co. includes an excellent final coffee.

One of the reasons why we recommend you take part in a food tour in Naples is precisely the opportunity to fully enjoy the local traditions, including the habit of coffee at the end of lunch.

visit naples coffee


3. The artistic masterpieces

Naples, however, is not just food. Among its intricate and chaotic streets are hidden artistic beauties that leave you breathless. We are talking about the squares, monuments and churches, but also and above all the magnificent city museums.

If you want to visit Naples you will not miss the opportunity to visit at least one of these museums:

  • The Archaeological Museum of Naples. Here you will see finds from the Greek – Roman and Egyptian antiquities, but also and above all the wonderful findings from nearby Pompeii.
  • The Royal Palace of Naples. The majestic building was built in the early 1600’s to house King Philip III visiting the city of Campania… too bad the King changed his mind at the last moment and didn’t go to the city! The majestic residence, however, is one of the most beautiful in Campania.
  • The Museum of Capodimonte. This is a real Museum – Royal Palace surrounded by a magnificent and enormous forest. Inside, there are the Historical Apartment, the Farnese Collection (which contains works by Titian, Masaccio, Botticelli, Raphael, Guido Reni and Bruegel), a gallery dedicated to works from 1200 to 1700 (with works by Goya, Pinturicchio, Vasari and the Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio) and a collection with more modern works ranging from Andy Warhol to Michelangelo Pistoletto.

visit naples royal palace

4. The metro

Why include the subway among the reasons that should convince you to visit Naples? Because this is one of the most beautiful in Italy (and maybe in the world!).

The stations of Lines 1 and 6 are one more beautiful than the other: artists from all over the world have made the city’s metro a journey through the history of contemporary art.

The Garibaldi Station is characterized by suspended escalators in glass and steel, the University Station, instead, hosts a sculpture, Sinapsi, inspired by digital languages and then there is Toledo with the work Relative Light by Robert Wilson. This station was described in 2012 by The Daily Telegraph as the most beautiful in Europe thanks to the extraordinary play of light that makes it shine like a diamond.

visit naples underground

5. The alleys

Finally there are the alleys. Naples is an agglomeration of streets and alleys that intersect each other, tangling and confusing the visitor.

The alleys of the capital of Campania are colourful, noisy (even too loud) and folkloristic: they literally make your head spin.

Among the streets of the city you will find magnificent monuments and wonderful churches. Stop: it’s worth it.

Among the churches not to be missed, we recommend these:

  • The San Severo Chapel. Here is kept the Veiled Christ, the work of Giuseppe Sanmartino, which still today leaves visitors from all over the world breathless.
  • The Cathedral. Rich chapels, paintings by Luca Giordano, but above all San Gennaro. It is here that every year the citizens wait for the Miracle to take place. Saint Gennaro is the patron saint of the city, but he is also a visceral love, a tradition that has lasted for centuries and to which the Neapolitans are deeply attached.

visit Naples Dome

Although the streets of Naples are often demonized, don’t let yourself be held back: visit this beautiful city.

Have we convinced you then? Do you feel like visiting Naples? We are waiting for you to accompany you to taste the delicacies of the capital of Campania!