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5 Unusual Things to Do in Naples (Italy)

Are you visiting the capital of Campania and want to get away from the usual routes frequented by tourists to live new and unforgettable experiences? Below we recommend 5 unusual things to do in Naples, Italy, to discover a unique and fascinating city.

If you’ve been to Naples before, if you already know the attractions of Naples and its interesting museums, here are some ideas for a visit definitely different from the usual!

1.   Visit the Fontanelle Cemetery

You may think that visiting a cemetery is rather gloomy, you’re probably right, but the Cimitero delle Fontanelle, in the heart of Rione Sanità, is a unique place in the world.

It is a former ossuary, a huge mass grave dug into the tuff to hold the remains of those who were killed by the plague epidemic of 1656.

Today the cemetery is particularly known for the ritual of the so-called “anime pezzentelle“. There are many Neapolitans who “adopt” a skull, who take care of one of these abandoned souls to receive protection for their family in return.

The advice we give you is to visit this place with a local guide.

2.   Participate in a Street Food Tour

Is the cemetery too melancholy? Then treat yourself to a cheerful and joyful experience: join our Street Food Tour of Naples!

What could be more enjoyable than exploring the historic center of the capital of Campania and stopping to taste some of the most delicious traditional street food?

By taking part in the guided tour, you will be accompanied through the city’s most famous attractions and will stop to taste, for example, the classic cuoppo, pizza a portafoglio and the delicious baba!

In addition to the tour dedicated to street food, you can also choose a classic tour dedicated to traditional cuisine and one dedicated to pizza.

The common denominator is always the desire to discover Naples from an unusual and alternative point of view!


3.   Discovering the Secret Cabinet of the Archaeological Museum of Naples

One of the unusual things to do in Naples is definitely to discover the Secret Cabinet of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, but… it’s only for older children!

Inside this section are preserved the erotic and sexual finds discovered in the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

For years this section was censored and remained closed, even sealed with a door closed by three locks and then even walled up!

Only since 2000 has the section been freely open to the public.

4.  Visit the Hospital of the Dolls

You might not believe it, but in Naples there is a real hospital where you can bring your dolls to be treated.

The Ospedale delle Bambole is located in San Gregorio Armeno, the famous street of cribs, and for decades has been home to dolls from all over the world in need of repair.

The love and passion for repairing toys is what makes this store a truly exciting discovery!

5. Enter the Spanish Palace

Finally, there is the Palazzo dello Spagnolo, in the Rione Sanità. This is a Neapolitan Baroque style building characterized by a double staircase that creates a decidedly spectacular effect.

The palace was built in 1738 at the behest of the Marquis of Poppano Nicola Moscati and designed by architect Ferdinando Sanfelice.

Its fame is due not only to the magnificent staircase, but also to the fact that this was the place where Charles III of Bourbon used to stop with his carriage to change horses with oxen, the only animals that could lead him through the steep climb to the Capodimonte Palace.


We hope that these 5 unusual things to do in Naples can make your stay in the capital of Campania fun and enjoyable and that they can make you discover the “secret” face of this magnificent city.

We are waiting for you to taste its delicious side and we suggest you also read our guides to visit Naples in one day and what to see in the city in 3 days.