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recipe Ensalada Malagueña

Typical Spanish recipe of the Ensalada Malagueña

If you have ever been to Malaga, you might know that there is a typical salad called Ensalada Malagueña.

This fresh summer recipe is very easy and simple, everyone can prepare it and
everybody likes it.

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In this article you can find the recipe of the typical Ensalada Malagueña. Here you go!

Ingredients of the Ensalada Malagueña

– 3 medium potatoes
– 1 orange
– 2 eggs
– ½ spring onion
– 200 g salted cod
– 150 g of Malaga olives from Malaga (without bone)
– 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Desalinate the cod by putting it in cold water for about 24 hours.

Change the water a couple of times. Wash the potatoes and cook them with skin. Peel them while they are hot. Drain the cod. Put water in a saucepan and boil the cod for a minute.

Peel the orange and slice it into wedges. Cook the eggs for 10 minutes after they start to boil. Cool them with cold water, peel them, cut them into wedges and reserve. Chop the onion into very thin slices or small dice, in quantity to taste.

Place the sliced ​​potato at the bottom of the plate. Add the rest of the ingredients. If necessary, put a pinch of salt flakes to the potato. At the end add extra virgin olive oil. You are done!!!

This Malaga salad is a typical Andalusian cuisine dish from the province of Malaga.

It is a summer salad, which is seasoned like any other salad. A variant is with tuna.

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