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Top must-try foods in Naples, Italy

It is difficult to write a list of the best food to try in Naples, you can’t keep it short!

A week is not enough for trying them all, because they are too many and so different, suitable for taste: first dishes, desserts, drinks (among all the Neapolitan espresso).

We have tried to write one, so here’s a list of the top 5 must-try food in Naples:


You can’t come to Naples without tasting our pizza. If you’re in Naples only for one day, or IF you’ve planned a holiday in the Neapolitan city, the Pizza you’ll try here will be hardly forgotten! But remember, less is more: for us the Real Neapolitan Pizza is Margherita (the one with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil) or the Marinara (with tomato sauce, oil, garlic and oregano). You won’t need many ingredients to taste the Happiness.


As every Italian region, Campania too has a strong tradition of pasta. Among the many different types, the most famous is the Scialatiello, a fresh hand-made pasta long shaped like a spaghetto and flat like a tagliatella; usually it is prepared together with clams. There are many famous preparations of pasta in Naples like the ragù, the genovese, the one with potatoes and provola cheese, all examples of a typical Neapolitan Sunday lunch.

naples italy pasta



cuoppo naples italy

The Neapolitan fries everything, pasta and pizza too! The “cuoppo” is a cone of paper which is used to take away fried food and suitable for easily eating in the streets. You can find it everywhere, and it can be of sea-food (with different types of fresh fishes), of “land-food” (opposite to sea, with different fried batter like crocchè with mashed potatoes, fried eggplants, fried ricotta etc.), of French fries or of “graffe” (fried batter donough-shaped with sugar outside), for everybody!


Neapolitan desserts are all very tasty so it’s difficult to choose one among all. Certainly the most “iconic” (and one that everybody knows) is the babà, the dessert made with yeast-based dough and rhum, mushroom shaped. We say it’s iconic because you will see many reproduction of this in the streets of Naples, together with the famous red horn, symbol of good luck. Besides the traditional one, there are versions with cream, chocolate, limoncello liqueur, but we suggest you to first try the classic one, for better enjoying the taste.

baba naples italy


Like Pizza, after having tasted Neapolitan coffee you will hardly drink it at home. Neapolitan coffee is an art and like every art it’s not for everybody to make it: having the same coffee powder, what makes the difference is who prepare it and the Neapolitans know better. For a Neapolitan, coffee represents an act of love, a real ritual that must be made without doing nothing else: that’s why you won’t never seen a Neapolitan drinking a coffee “to go”. You give yourself a moment for a coffee: it can last one minute if you’re late, hours and hours if you have the possibility to enjoy that moment together with someone else.

You can taste all the must-try food in Naples in our food tours with local people and spend a memorable day like a real Neapolitan, together with our food local expert.

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