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The Top 10 European Cities for Foodies

Are you living in Europe and know the food culture of the big cities of the Old Continent very well?

Maybe you even live in one of the best European cities for Foodies and you didn’t even know?

It could also be that you are planning a holiday trip to Europe and you want some advice on which cities are the best for a foodie like you…

Here’s Do Eat Better’s Ranking of the Top 10 European Foodie Cities:

rome food city

1. Rome: Italy’s (food) capital

In our opinion the Italian capital is the best place for tourists, who want to discover the créme de la créme of history, arts, culture and food during even a short weekend. The Ethernal city of Rome is multi-ethnic and eclectic, from typical Italian recipes to modern culinary fusion, you find everything a foodie might desire at very convenient prices. Must haves are: spaghetti all’amatriciana, carciofi alla romana, supplí and the tasty dessert crostata.

Are you ready for discovering the food of Rome?

paris food city

2. Paris: Love goes through the stomach

The capital of France, known as the most romantic city in the world, offers a huge variety of brasseries, patisseries and bistrots (also called bouchons). In this multicultural and modern city you will have the chance to try Michelin star restaurants, but you can also enjoy the simple and tasty street food. Apart from gourmet dishes like escargots or foie gras, macarons or eclairs, you should also try more ethic preparations such as couscous and falafel, or the very well-known French cheese varieties, some of them so strong in taste that they simply call out for a glass of excellent French red wine. During our food tours through Paris you will have the chance to discover this interesting combination of flavours.

athens food city

3. Athens: food traditions as antique as the Acropolis

Greece’s largest city and capital is well-known for its food market and the culinary tradition. Once you manage to avoid the typical tourist traps (positioned alongside the borders of the Greek ruins) while diving into the colourful and crowded streets of the elder part of the city, you will be able to try the best ingredients and dishes in the local mezedopola (eateries). Recipes like moussaka, dolmades and all types of grilled meat and fish will be delighting your palate and leave an unforgettable memory of this very special city. For easier digestion we recommend a glass of ouzo or tsipouro.

amsterdam food city

4. Amsterdam

Europe’s most liberal and avant-garde city has an amazing cultural offer and apart from non-conventional coffee-shops and “bakeries” you will be able to take advantage of a large number of local eateries offering delicious recipes such as the dessert “stroopwafel” or “poffertjes”. As far as main dishes are concerned, the most famous local fish herring is prepared in many ways and can be eaten warm, cold, in soups or even on top of a slice of bread. Instead of normal coffee we recommend you a cup of mint tea, especially in the cold season.

berlin food city

5. Berlin – “Ich bin ein Berliner”

When it comes down to eating, the ultramodern and trendy locals prefer rustic and hearty food, based on meat or fish, accompanied with side dishes such as carbs and salad. There is one thing that you really can’t miss during your trip to the German capital, the so-called German “Currywurst”. The sausage (also called “Frankfurter”) is embedded in onion slices and ketchup, while the curry powder spread on top guarantees a spicy wow-effect. But we also want to clarify this stereotype: Berlin’s culinary scene is everything else than traditional and boring. You will be surprised by the great mix of fusion recipes and the growing presence of food tasting labs, places where to try and experiment new recipes.

budapest food city

6. Budapest – the door to the East of Europe

The capital of Hungary is the gate to Europe’s east and unifies in its centre traditions coming from the Sovietic period together with modern touch typical of today’s European university cities. In the same way the setting, Habsburgian buildings with pompousdecorations that are located side by side with abandoned factories transformed into stylish restaurants and clubs, is impressive. Due to the chilly climate, the dishes of this Hungarian city are very rich in carbohydrates and meat, with a good number of spicy herbs such as red pepper. This ingredient, also called paprika is one of the locals’ favourite and makes the traditional goulash soup so tasteful. Also, onions are very popular in all types of dishes. As dessert you should try the Hungarian variant of crepes, called palatschinken.

seville food city

7. Seville – Where you live and eat in the streets

In this warm and welcoming Spanish city, food forms part of social events just like shaking hands or saying hello. From Iberic ham to delicious tapas, paellas and Mediterranean fish, here you will find a big variety of colourful and tasty dishes. Unique delicacies are the surprisingly soft filled bull tail, Spanish potato tortilla and local vegetables. Ingredients like olive oil, garlic and red wine can’t be left out in any Sevillian dinner. Do Eat Better will soon offer delicious and delightful tapas tours in Seville.

copenhagen food city

8. Copenhagen – Nordic Haute Cuisine

Denmark has gained popularity for creating a New Nordic Cuisine, especially in and around its capital Copenhagen, where an impressive number of Michelin star restaurants are located. The food tradition has changed a lot in the last years and today you will find hot-dog stands or fast-food restaurants close to gourmet restaurants from the Middle East. Must have: Smørrebrød. What initially was a Danish farmers’ lunch is now Denmark’s most traditional dish, served also in high-end restaurants. The dish consists in a sandwich with fish or meat, vegetables, and sauce on top. In Copenhagen you will also find a great offer of durums, normally sold by Turkish or Pakistan immigrants.

naples food city

9. Naples – Where not just traditional pizza is the daily bread

Apart from traditional pizza, in Naples there is a novelty with growing popularity: the fried pizza. Think of the freshest and most delicious fried dough you’ve ever had, stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese or smoked cheese, a bit of meat, black pepper, and you will know what fried pizza means. If your are looking for a tasteful dessert, in the local bakeries you will always find one sweet dish, which looks almost like a piece of art: the famous, sfogliatelle. You will have the chance to try many delicacies of this Italian city during our food tours.

london food city

10. London – If you leave aside the breakfast

Among European citizens, English food is known as not the best and lightest in this continent. Despite all doubts, things are changing and today, London’s food scenery is an amalgam of traditional culinary vision and the modern innovation. The typical MUST DO is a Sunday roast in a simple English pub accompanied by a pint of beer, or some takeaway fish and chips. Nevertheless, more and more recipes from the Middle-East are already being cited amongst the most typical English dishes, such as Chicken tikka masala and other spicy foods. Even if you might not be a fan of traditional Brit Food, at least we can say that since Gordon Ramsay the food culture has improved a lot and the will of experimenting newer and healthier dishes has been growing ever since.

There is not enough space here to name all other European cities, where you can enjoy great food experiences, especially trying Mediterranean recipes typical for Italy, France and Spain. But we hope that this small insight has increased your knowledge and passion, since it is written by foodies for foodies.

*This ranking is based on our evaluations, experiences or opinion.