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things to do in rome with kids

10 things to do in Rome with kids

Are you planning to visit the Italian capital with your family, but don’t know where to start? Below we suggest 10 things to do in Rome with kids.

The Eternal City is full of routes and attractions designed for children: the important thing is to organize in advance so as not to waste time and not to risk making the children too tired.

There are many experiences to do in Rome, but not all of them are really suitable for children, who risk getting bored and tired. Let’s see, then, the most fun activities to do with the family!


1.   Discover the city with Welcome To Rome

At the former Augustus Cinema, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, there is an immersive experience to discover the history of Rome in an innovative and fun way. This is Welcome To Rome, a real show that, thanks to video projections, models and 3D reconstructions, traces the entire history of the capital.

It will be a fun way for young and old to learn about Rome’s past.

2.  Visit Explora

Inside the former tram depot of Borghetto Flaminio is one of the most beautiful and interesting museums for children in Rome.

Explora is a space dedicated to children. Inside there are 15 thematic areas that lead to the discovery of science and society in a fun and light way.

There is no compulsory path and children can move freely observing, listening and touching.

You can learn to be a fireman, go to the supermarket to discover how to read a label correctly, you can create a TV program and even drive a train!

3. Join a Street Food Tour

Would you like to take a tour of the monuments of Rome, but you are afraid that your child might get bored? Participate in a Street Food Tour!

What’s better than a walk that mixes history, anecdotes, curiosities and good food!

Our Street Food Tour of Rome is designed to entertain everyone. It will move between the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori among the most famous attractions of the city center and some of the best places where you can taste many delicacies of Roman cuisine: supplì and Roman pizza are just two of the tastes that you will make during the tour.

You’ll see, even the little ones will have fun!

Remember, too, that children under the age of 5 are free, while kids from 6 to 12 have a 50% discount.

4. Have fun at Technotown

At Villa Torlonia there’s a playroom dedicated to science based entirely on technology: it’s Technotown.

Lots of games, lots of experiments, some robots and special effects to discover: a museum that will entertain children (from 6 years old and up), teenagers and certainly parents too!

5. Spend a day in the green parks of Rome

Rome is not only chaos, cars and tourists! In the city there are numerous parks where you can spend a sunny day in the open air.

At Villa Borghese you can relax between parks, ponds and fountains, but also visiting the interesting Borghese Gallery. For children there are rides, but also a cinema (the Cinema dei Piccoli) and a toy library (the Casina di Raffaello).

To live a unique experience you could think of immersing yourself in the Appia Antica Park: here you can walk right above the ancient Roman road. There are numerous initiatives organized and dedicated to children, but it will also be nice just to walk and then stop for a picnic.

Finally, even the Aqueduct Park is a great way to spend a day outdoors: you can rent a bike or just walk.

things to do in rome with kids

6. Go to Cinecittà Studios

One of the things you absolutely must do in Rome with your children is go to Cinecittà Studios to discover how films are made and to see some of the places you’ve seen and seen again on television.

The visit is divided into two parts: one to the historical buildings where you can retrace the history of the Studios and one to the permanent sets.

In addition, for the little ones, there is Cinebimbicittà, a workshop where children can have fun with costumes, sets and lots of imagination!

7. Going underground in Rome

Did you know that in addition to the Rome you see on the surface, there is an underground Rome made up of Roman domus, mysterious places of worship and fascinating anti-aircraft bunkers?

A part of the city to discover that will intrigue young and old, we are sure.

Find more information on the website of Roma Sotterranea.

things to do in rome with kids

8.  Discover biodiversity at Bioparco

Returning to the outdoors, another of the things to do in Rome with kids is to go to the Bioparco, located inside Villa Borghese.

Here you will be able to see many animals of different species.

This is not the usual zoo, but a place where the first commitment is the conservation of endangered species.

9. Play at the Museum of Videogames

In Rome there is a real museum of video games where you can rediscover the first games “cabinets” and try new ones in the most modern PS4.

At Vigamus, the Videogame Museum, all the games are changed often to offer the visitor an ever-changing experience.

One of the most fascinating areas is the Oculus Room where you can try a Virtual Reality visor and discover the new frontiers of video gaming!

10. Visit the Capitoline Museums with a special guide!

Finally, we also suggest a visit to the Capitoline Museums.

Here, in addition to the classic workshops organized for children, is available a very special audio guide for children. It will be the Emperor Marcus Aurelius to lead the little ones through the halls of the museum with explanations and laughter.

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We hope we have left you with some interesting tips on what to do in Rome with kids.

We look forward to accompanying you in the discovery of the most delicious Roman delicacies and, in the meantime, we suggest you also read our guides to visit Rome in one day, two days and three days.