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What to do in Rome at night: 7 experiences not to be missed

Rome is fascinating at any time of the day, especially when the sun goes down. When the lights are turned on and the monuments are illuminated, the Eternal City is surrounded by an evocative and romantic atmosphere that invites tourists to go out. Below we will suggest you what to do in Rome at night through 7 truly unmissable experiences.


1. Stop and eat in Trastevere

Trastevere is one of the most fascinating and authentic neighborhoods of Rome, a small city within the big city, a place in its own right known for the excellent Roman cuisine served in the typical trattorias that crowd its streets.

During a visit to Trastevere, in fact, you cannot miss the opportunity to sit in one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood to taste pasta alla carbonara, porchetta, supplì or even pasta alla gricia or gnocchi alla romana.

One of the best times to do this, of course, is in the evening, when the neighborhood seems to wake up from the afternoon torpor and turns into one of the favorite meeting places of Romans.

What if we told you that there is a chance to taste many Roman dishes during an evening tour through the streets of the neighborhood? Our Food Tour in Trastevere is the perfect opportunity to discover the history of this area of Rome, its curiosities and the most interesting anecdotes and, of course, to taste the best traditional dishes. The tours are held every day from Monday to Saturday and, in addition to the morning shift at 10.30 am, you can take advantage of an evening tour starting at 5 pm.

2.    Join our Street Food tour in Rome

Another good idea to spend an early evening in the Capital, is to participate in our Street Food Tour in Rome. In addition to the 11 o’clock tour, in fact, we have thought of another one starting at 6.30 pm to accompany you to discover the most emblematic places of Rome wrapped in a unique atmosphere.

During our tour you’ll pass in front of the Pantheon, walk through Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori and go in search of some of the most delicious street food dishes of Roman cuisine: from supplì, to Roman pizza, to an excellent ice cream.

3. Take an evening cruise on the Tiber

Among the advice on what to do in Rome at night, a boat trip on the Tiber is certainly not to be missed: one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences of a stay in the Eternal City.

These usually depart near Castel Sant’Angelo and arrive to the Tiber Island allowing you to admire Rome in its most romantic guise.

4. Admire the Colosseum at night

Monuments, you know, come to life when they light up at night.

During your stay, even if you decide to spend only one day in Rome, you will surely pass by the Colosseum: this is, after all, the symbol of the Capital, but also of the whole Italy.

Our advice is to return near the Flavian Amphitheatre even at sunset, when the lights help it even more to show itself in all its impressive beauty.

What to do in Rome at night

5. Watching the illuminated Trevi Fountain

Do you remember the scene in Federico Fellini’s film, La Dolce Vita, in which Anita Ekberg calls out “Marcello, come!” while she is immersed in the Trevi Fountain which appears all lit up?

Well, our suggestion is to relive the famous moment that marked the history of cinema by taking a walk to the famous monument in the heart of Rome. It will be unforgettable!

What to do in Rome at night

6. Visit Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican Museums

There are many museums in Rome that remain open in the evening and among them there are two of the most important: Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican Museums.

If you are planning to spend a different evening in the capital, a visit to the museum is an excellent idea: generally, in fact, in the evening these are less crowded.

The Vatican Museums are open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Castel Sant’Angelo, instead, can be visited until midnight from Thursday to Sunday.

7. Climb the Janiculum hill

Finally, here’s the last piece of advice. If you want to admire Rome in all its extraordinary beauty, then you must climb the Janiculum hill and do so in the evening.

This is one of the most famous terraces in all of Rome and houses the cannon that every day, at 12 o’clock sharp, fires a blank shot to set the official time and adjust all the bells in the city.

The suggestion we give you is to come here at sunset and stay until after dusk so you can enjoy the spectacle of the changing city.

The perfect end of the day could be a typical dinner in one of the restaurants in the area.

What to do in Rome at night

We hope to have inspired you and given you some ideas about what to do in Rome at night.