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thinkd to do in naples with kids

7 things to do in Naples with kids

Are you planning a stay in Naples with your family? Here are the 7 best things to do in Naples with kids.

The capital of Campania, although it is not the first city you think of when you are looking for a place to visit with your children, is full of activities dedicated to their fun.

In addition to the classic attractions of the center of Naples and the beautiful museums scattered throughout the streets of the capital of Campania, we would like to suggest some truly unmissable gems.

1. Discover Naples Underground

Let’s start with Underground Naples, a real “city under the city”, an invisible world through which to discover the past of the capital of Campania.

Here 2000 years of history unfold: from Roman times to modern times. It starts from the remains of the ancient Greek-Roman city, it crosses the Bourbon Gallery, built by Ferdinand II, and it visits an anti-aircraft shelter.

The visit takes place at a depth of 40 meters, accompanied by a guide and equipped with candles: an experience that will excite both adults and children!

2. Take part in a gastronomic tour of Naples

If you prefer to stay on the surface and wander around the lively (and chaotic) streets of Naples, then the most fun way to discover the city with your kids is to take part in a food tour!

Here at Do Eat Better Experience, we offer three of them:

  • The Naples Street Food Tour, dedicated to street food. You can taste, for example, pizza a portafoglio and the famous cuoppo.
  • The Traditional Gourmet Tour, dedicated to the city’s most famous dishes. You’ll be able to taste the pasta alla genovese, but also the baba and the sfogliatella.
  • The Pizza & Co. Gastronomic Tour, dedicated to the symbol of Neapolitan gastronomy, pizza.

Each of these tours will allow you to move around the city among the most important attractions. You will be accompanied by an expert and passionate guide who will not only tell you the history, anecdotes and curiosities about what you will see, but will also take you to the best restaurants and bars in Naples to taste the best dishes of the Campania tradition.

Children and teens will also have a lot of fun and will have the chance to discover the city from an alternative point of view.

Remember, too, that children under the age of 5 are free, and kids aged 6 to 12 get a 50% discount.

3.  Learn how to make pizza

In addition to the Food Tour, there is another experience that is sure to entertain the little ones: a pizza making lesson.

Getting hands-on is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Naples with kids and one of the must-do experiences in the city.

You’ll learn the secrets of Neapolitan pizza makers together and, once you’re home, you can have fun again with the perfect recipe you’ve learned.

thinks to do in naples with kids

4.   Spend a day in the city’s parks

Although people think of Naples as a city overrun with concrete, chaos and traffic, there are many green areas where you can spend a few hours of tranquility with your family.

The Real Bosco di Capodimonte, for example, extends outside the museum of the same name for 120 hectares. In order to visit it, there are 7 routes that can be followed on foot or by bike.

Also the Real Orto Botanico is a place not to be missed and here, very often, are organized events and manifestations entirely dedicated to children.

Finally, even the Villa Comunale, near the waterfront, is a good stop to eat something on a bench and let the children play a little ‘.

5.  Visit the City of Science

The City of Science is, in our opinion, an unmissable stop if you’re visiting Naples with kids.

This is not a simple museum, but a real opportunity to live experiences.

Inside there is a section dedicated to the sea, a planetarium, some temporary exhibitions and an entire interactive area dedicated to the human body, Corporea.

6.  Walking in San Gregorio Armeno

In the center of Naples, one of the most popular experiences for children is a stroll through San Gregorio Armeno, the famous “street of cribs”.

Amongst the pulcinella and historical Neapolitan nativity scenes, there are modern caricatures of contemporary characters: children will have a great time.

Beware, however, of the petty thieves in the neighborhood!

things to do in naples with kids

7.  Immerse yourself in antiquity at the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum

Finally, the last of the things to do in Naples with kids that we recommend is a visit to the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum (the MAV).

After visiting the archaeological site and discovering the remains of the ancient Roman city, move inside the Museum adjacent to the excavations: here, among three-dimensional reconstructions, video projections, holograms and interactive installations, you can immerse yourself in a unique experience and discover Herculaneum as it must have been in the past.

This museum will also appeal to children, we are sure!

Naples in 3 days

We hope that our suggestions are useful to organize your stay in Naples with your family and we hope to see you during one of our food tours!

In the meantime, we suggest you also read our guides to visit Naples in one day and in 3 days.