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Things to do in Malaga

Everyone has a bucket list and most of them contain unaccomplished big dreams.

This list of things to do in Malaga is different: is tailor-made by foodies for foodies who are visiting or even living in Malaga.

Fun, social life and good food are the side-effects!

Start with point 1, the rest will come alone!

1. Meet other travellers and expats during a Malaga Downtown Walking Food Tour

Do you like walking and wandering through cities?

A city centre like the one of Malaga is perfect for that.

In 1 or 2 hours you can see great spots like the famous birth house of Picasso, feel tragedy invade you the impressive Roman theatre or dream of ancient times where Moros were defending the city from catholic invaders in the Alcazaba fortress.

If you add another hour on top, you will also be able to stop over and enjoy the best local food.

During our walking food tours you will get the maximum out of it and a full belly is guaranteed. Ah, by the way, you will know other curious foodies and travellers like you and have a great time.

malaga street food tour

2. Sip a fresh San Miguel beer on the Malagueta beach

This is the perfect plan for a Sunday afternoon or a weekday after work: just grab a bottle of beer, a towel and a friend, that’s all you need.

beer malaga

3. Try an Espeto de Sardinas in a Chiringuito

This tradition of smoking fish directly on the beach, close to the water where it comes from, was born in Malaga. The most typical fish eaten.

anchovies malaga

4. Say cheers to the Sunset on a rooftop terrace

Are you a fan of great panoramic views? Then you can’t miss this must do in Malaga: try to get up on one of the highest buildings, usually what you find on top is a rooftop bar.

While sipping a glass of sparkling cava and trying some trendy fingerfood you can admire the skyline and watch the sun go down.

malaga sunset

5. Join a Market tour in Atarazanas

This busy and colourful market is THE place to visit, if you want to see and taste local food culture.

The Atarazanas market in Malaga is open only during the day, until 4 pm and it offers not only a large selection of vegetable, fish and meat shops, you can also have lunch at the traditional restaurants at very good prices.

The building hosting the market dates back to the 19th century boasting the original and unique stained-glass windows.

Do Eat Better offers funny and tasty market tours with only the best food and the guidance of a local expert.

The Market

So, if you carry out these 5 things to do in Malaga you will surely have a great time and you can tick off many top of the top activities in only one day.