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The best pastry shops in Milan

Even if Milan is the birthplace of panettone, one of the most famous Italian desserts, it is not famous for its confectionery tradition. Many other cities, such as Naples or Palermo are better known as birthplaces of tasty delicacies.

But the patisserie has succeeded in wide spreading in the city and today the best pastry shops of Milan are reference point in all Italy.

After EXPO 2015, Milano became the landing place of many famous Italian bakers, who chose the city as branch of their bakeries, together with historical names of the Milanese patisserie.

Today Milan is a mix between historical and traditional names and new bakers, who brought a much more international taste.

Choosing the best Milanese bakeries is difficult, not only because of the huge number, but also for the continuous opening of new pastry shops.

The historical pastry shops in Milan

Milanese bakeries have had an important role in the history of the city and this is clear by the stories behind their shop windows.

Actors, singers, industrialists, journalists and soccer players spent their free time in these classic and refined places.

For example, the famous lyric Italian singer Katia Ricciarelli is an historical client of the Pasticceria Ranieri, which opened in 1967, gladdening their clients between via Moscova and Via Turati.

The baker Francesco Rana, together with his son Maurizio, dedicated the famous cake Do di Petto, together with the Panettone with pineapple and the cake fiordibosco to Katia Ricciarelli.

Among the best bakeries of Milan there are the important Marchesi, which was born in 1824 or the most beloved by Milaneses: the Martesana by the master Vincenzo Santoro. Another traditional bakery is Giovanni Galli, the only one which produces the marron glacè, a tasty dessert loved especially by the director Luchino Visconti or the journalist Enzo Biagi.


The new Milanese Bakery

The historical bakeries are like magical places, but for a city which is projected to the future is impossible not to evolve with desserts too and that’s why next to the Cathedral you will find the most famous TV names like Ernst Knam, Iginio Massari and Roberto Rinaldini.

Today you can try the best of the international bakeries in Milan. Another famous bakery is Di Viola Di Liquirizia, with its famous cupcake and cheesecake. In the artistic neighborhood of Milan there’s Baunilla, a relaxation corner for the most gluttons.

The bakery Pavè has revolutionized the neighborhood of Porta Venezia. It became a case study thanks to the high-quality of its production and the strong business plan.

But in Milan you can try also desserts from the past. The creamy cannoncino was a Sunday must during the ’90 and Serge has reproposed it in his bakery near Piazza Duomo.

The choice is enormous and if you want to try them all we suggest you to join our greedy patisserie tour in Milan.

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