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Team Building: food and wine tour with colleagues

It is well known that it is not exactly easy to establish friendships and trust within the walls of the office: daily stress doesn’t always allow colleagues to bond with each other. Nothing is worse, however, than a tense working environment or one in which the group is not sufficiently cohesive. This is what team building activities are for, to allow employees to meet outside the company walls, in an informal environment, where it is easier to get in touch with the human side of the other. Among the many team building proposals developed in recent years, we offer you one that is certainly irresistible: a food and wine team building tour ! Ready to involve your company in a delicious and stimulating activity?

Team Building

If you still don’t really know what the Team Building is, we will try to explain it to you in a few lines.

Team Building is a waythat aims to strengthen your teamworkand this practice includes a series of activities aimed at getting a group of people to interact with each other so that they can learn or improve their ability to work together. There are certainly training courses to do this, but usually the peculiarity of every Team Building activity is its playful and fun component.

In informal contexts, in fact, it is much easier to create cohesion and create a feeling of trust. Through role-playing games, challenges and outdoor encounters, it will be much easier to get rid of stress “from work” and encourage collaboration.

Why book a food and wine tour as a Team Building activity?

The idea that we offer you at Do Eat Better Experience is an innovative, fun and delicious experience!

Forget about group sessions, role-playing games within the office walls, long hikes in the mountains or yoga days in the middle of nowhere … We like to eat and, since we are all food lovers, we suggest trying our food and wine team Building tour !

What could be better than walking through the streets of a new or already known city, stopping in the best places to taste the best traditional dishes?! Everyone knows that we’re all happier when we eat!

Team building among traditional dishes

Our tours are available in many Italian cities, but also in France and Spain. So many destinations and all different: from the big metropolis to the most famous cities of art to those less frequented by mass tourism.

Each tour is designed to allow participants to discover the most characteristic corners of the city and, of course, all those places where you can taste the most tasty delicacies of the area.

There are always local guides to guide the tour and they are the ones, with the ability that only a local can have, who will guide your colleagues in exploring your chosen destination.

Between a walk and a tasty break, new relationships and new friendships will be born that will certainly help the stability of the company atmosphere… way more than just a dinner with colleagues! Eating all together and the time spent walking around the city will give the right opportunity for everyone to have a chat and get to know each other better.

Team Building in the kitchen

In addition to food and wine tours, we also organize different cooking classes. Learning how to cook with your colleagues is a fun way to improve how to work together! Great food and company are the perfect ingredients for a lovely day and having to cook a new dish will put everyone on the same level.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to taste their “creations”: the cooking lesson will turn into a real dinner and, with your aprons still dirty with flour, they will have time to relax and enjoy the excellent work just done!

Do Eat Better Experience: team building experience

Cooking and good food bring joy and everyone knows that in front of a tasty dish we are all kinder to everyone else! That’s why this food and wine team building is an excellent idea to create relationships and stimulate collaboration between colleagues.

Do Eat Better Experience proposals will help colleagues share experiences and emotions that will turn into memories and closer ties. After spending time together, the spirit of aggregation will have grown and so will the motivation that will bind the team!

Living a new experience on the streets of the city where you live or discovering a place you’ve never visited before will make everyone feel a little closer. Thanks to an adventure in which they have been all together, your colleagues will return to the office more connected to each other than before.

Anyone who tried it, was satisfied!

How to book a food and wine tour to experience a Team Building activity

Booking your food and wine team building tour is really easy:

  1. Choose your favorite experience from those on our site Do Eat Better Experience: you’ll find the perfect tour for you! You can choose a tour in an Italian city or a tasty visit to one of our destinations abroad.
  1. Send us an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com. You can also find us on WhatsApp at +39 329 17.90.647

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to entertain your employees by involving them in one of our food and wine team building tours? We’re waiting for you!