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migliori tapas siviglia

The best tapas in Seville: what to know and where to eat them

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, the cradle of flamenco, the city of Alcazar, is one of the best places in Spain for tapas. One after the other, the many places in the center invite you to move constantly to taste all sorts of Andalusian delicacies. In this article we have decided to leave you a series of useful tips to eat the best tapas in Seville during your stay.

Things to know before you go to eat tapas in Seville

Here are some tips for eating tapas in Seville.

  • Spanish timetables are very different from ours: it is difficult to eat lunch before 2pm and dinner before 10pm.
  • The prices of tapas are between 2,00 € and 4,00 €.
  • There are both places that offer only tapas and restaurants where you can still taste them. Generally the former have limited seating or no seating at all and tapas can be enjoyed standing at the counter.
  • Usually in tapas places you can order the dish in three different portions: tapa, media ración and intera ración.
  • The great thing about tapas is that they should be shared: don’t order one dish each, but share!

Which tapas should be eaten in Seville

Sometimes the choice of which tapas to order can be really complicated. We thought, then, to leave you some advice on what we think are the best tapas in Seville to try absolutely.

    • Serranito: the typical hot sandwich of Seville. It is stuffed with grilled meat, raw ham, green bell pepper and sliced tomato.
    • Carrillada de carne: pork meat in sauce, very tasty, which generally goes well with potatoes.
    • Potato tortilla: a large and tasty potato omelette. This is one of the most famous dishes of Spain.
      migliori tapas di siviglia
  • Fried squid or anchovies: a typical dish of the whole South of Spain.
  • Chorizo de bellota: a seasoned or fried pork sausage typical of all of Spain.
  • Cola de toro: the tail of the bull that is generally stewed in Seville.


Where to eat the best tapas in Seville

After leaving you some general information about tapas and some advice on which ones you absolutely should try, we now want to recommend some of the best places to eat them.

The food tour of Do Eat Better Experience

The perfect way to taste the best tapas in Seville is to participate in our Gourmet Tapas food tour in Seville. Our food tour is guided by a local guide who will accompany you to discover the most emblematic and important places in the city, during a tour of Andalusian gastronomy.

Thanks to our tour you will discover some of the best restaurants in the Andalusian capital, taste traditional tapas, learn about the history and curiosities of the city and get to know other people who, like you, are interested in experiencing Seville in its most authentic and everyday aspect.

If you are still not sure, we suggest you to discover the 5 reasons to participate in a food tour in Seville by reading the article we have prepared for you.

The markets

Another perfect way to taste tapas is to go to city markets.

If you want high-end tapas, perhaps revisited in a gourmet key, then head to Lonja del Barranco.

At the market in Triana, however, you can enjoy more traditional tapas in an informal setting frequented daily by both tourists and locals.

The Mercado de Calle Feria, on the other hand, is one of the oldest in the city and is still one of the most frequented markets by the inhabitants, especially on weekends. Here, among the fruit and vegetable stalls, you will find several corners where you can taste traditional tapas.

Finally we recommend the De la Encarnacion Market, the most modern in the city and a very spectacular work that deserves to be visited during a stay in the Andalusian capital.

migliori tapas di siviglia

Al Aljibe

Al Aljibe is a pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of Seville. Tapas can be enjoyed downstairs, while on the beautiful terrace you can enjoy an excellent dinner.

Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas

This little place is located in the Barrio di Santa Cruz and it is a real institution in the city. Frequented by locals as much as by tourists, it is always very crowded so finding a seat will be very difficult.

Try the potato tortilla.

Bodega Dos de Mayo

The Bodega Dos de Mayo is located in a quiet square in Seville. The restaurant is open every day and serves delicious tapas: don’t miss the fish and fried eggplants!

Morales House

This is one of the oldest bars in the city: it was founded in 1850 and still today it is run by the same family.

Among the tapas that we recommend are the montaditos (small sandwiches) and the codfish.

To taste the homemade vermouth.

La Eslava

The Eslava is one of the most famous places in the city and the suggestion is to go here very early to find a seat (both sitting and standing). The kitchen offers classic tapas or more refined dishes.

El Rinconcillo

Opened in 1670, El Rincocillo is one of the places where you will surely eat some of the best tapas in Seville.

Lean at the counter, admire the classic furnishings, sip a good glass of wine and enjoy some excellent tapas (excellent tortilla and meat dishes).

Taberna Los Coloniales

This place is perfect to enjoy a beer tapeando: try the croquetas de setas, croquettes with béchamel and mushrooms.

We hope that our advice can be useful to you and we hope to accompany you to taste the best tapas of Seville during our food tour!