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How to move from Rome to Naples

Have you visited the Eternal City and now want to reach the capital of Campania? Below you will find all the useful information on how to easily travel from Rome to Naples!

From Rome to Naples

Rome and Naples are certainly two of the most famous and visited destinations in Italy and it often happens that you want to visit both within a few days.

The two cities, after all, are not so different from each other: both are chaotic and busy, both tell of an ancient past often overshadowed by a present that is not always bright, but both keep timeless beauty and able to leave every visitor speechless. Yes, Rome and Naples are definitely two of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

In the capital can not miss a visit to the Colosseum, a walk in Trastevere to taste the specialties of Roman cuisine (maybe with our food tour!), a visit to the Vatican and an evening walk among the illuminated monuments.

rome to naples

In Naples, on the other hand, you have to taste the pizza (and maybe attend our Pizza & co. Food Tour in Naples), book a visit to admire the Veiled Christ, walk along the promenade to see the view of Vesuvius and immerse yourself in the alleys around San Gregorio Armeno to discover the tradition of cribs.

Rome and Naples on the map seem close, but in reality they are about 200 km away from each other. Despite this, however, you can move between the two cities in a short time: let’s see how.

How to get from Rome to Naples by car

If you love driving you can consider driving from Rome to Naples, but it is not the best solution we suggest: the two cities, in fact, are among the busiest in Italy and just to get out and enter the center could take hours!

If, however, this is the solution you prefer, reaching the capital of Campania is simple: just take the A1 and exit in Naples. The trip, without traffic, takes about two and a half hours.

Once in Naples, remember to book an accommodation with parking!


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How to get from Rome to Naples by plane

You can reach Naples from Rome by plane: the flight takes just less than an hour and can cost about 100 €.

Flights leave from Rome Fiumicino and arrive directly to Naples Capodichino airport and are operated by Alitalia.

The plane is definitely the fastest way, but you have to take some things into account:

  • To reach Fiumicino airport from the center of Rome will take about half an hour with the Leonardo Express, the train that connects the airport to Termini Station.
  • To reach the center of Naples from the airport you could take 15 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the traffic with the Alibus service.
  • It is always necessary to arrive at the airport a couple of hours in advance to check in.

How to get from Rome to Naples by train

The train may be the best and most convenient choice to reach Naples from Rome: the connections are numerous.

Generally the trains to Napoli Centrale depart from Roma Termini and are operated by Trenitalia.

Prices and timetables vary depending on the type of train you choose.

  • Regional: it takes about 3 hours and the price is about 13 €.
  • Intercity: it employs approximately 2 hours and the prices are around 30 € (except promotions).
  • Frecciarossa: the trains to high speed take little more than an hour and the prices vary between 50 € and 100 € according to the class in which you will choose to travel.

The Italo company also operates the connection between Rome and Naples with high speed trains.

Rome to Naples

How to get from Rome to Naples by bus

The alternative to the train is the bus: many companies connect Rome and Naples.

Among these we find Flixbus and MarinoBus that usually offer very advantageous fares.

The travel time varies between 2 hours and a half and three hours, but you must always take into account the traffic.

The buses that connect Naples to Rome generally depart from the stations of Roma Tiburtina and Roma Anagnina.

We hope that our advice on how to reach Naples from Rome will help you to organize your next trip!

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