Visiting Rome in one day is a big challenge! Of course you won’t be able to see everything the city has to offer, nor will you be able to visit all its magnificent museums, but by following this itineraryyou will surely have a taste of the endless beauty of the Eternal City and you will certainly be fascinated by it.

Here’s what to see in Rome in one day through a 9-step itinerary to follow either on foot or by public transportation.

How to visit Rome in one day

To visit Rome in one day you will need two things: good shoes and a daily ticket for public transport.

Wake up early in the morning and get ready to walk.

Many of the places we are about to suggest are easily reachable with a walk, but the miles to cover are many so the suggestion is to buy the Biglietto Roma 24 Ore that will allow you to move freely on the entire public transport network of the capital including buses, trams and subway


The itinerary to visit Rome in one day is composed of 9 stages that involve some of the main places of interest in the city.

We will start from the symbol of the Capital, the Colosseum and through a ring route that will accompany you to discover the most famous attractions of Rome, we will finish the tour nearby, by the Imperial Forums.

Are you ready to walk?!

1. The Colosseum

The itinerary to discover Rome in one day starts from the Colosseum, the symbol of the city and of the whole of Italy.

TheFlavian Amphitheatre was built between 72 and 80 A.D. and was used both for the bloody spectacles of the gladiators and for theatrical performances or ancient battles.

The entrance ticket to the Colosseum is a bit expensive, but it is a unique monument in the world, so if you are interested it is definitely worth a visit inside.

A great place to take pictures is in Via Nicola Salvi.

2. Trastevere

The itinerary continues towards Trastevere, one of the most interesting areas of the city. This is not only the center of the nightlife of the capital, but a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys characterized by flowered balconies, traditional bars and romantic restaurants.

To find out more about what to see in Trastevere we suggest you take a look at the dedicated article.

3. Piazza San Pietro

Leaving behind the characteristic district of Trastevere, the third stop of this itinerary to discover Rome in one day should certainly be Piazza San Pietro, one of the most famous places in the world.

Inside the famous Colonnade designed by Bernini you will no longer be on Italian soil, but within the Vatican City.

Usually the queues to visit the Basilica are extremely long, but if you have time or decide to skip some of the next stages, do not hesitate to enter. Inside you can admire timeless wonders, such as the beautiful Pietà by Michelangelo.

4. Piazza Navona

At this point you can walk along Via della Conciliazione, arrive in front of Castel Sant’Angelo, originally the Mausoleum of Hadrian, and continue on the other side of the Tevere, towards Piazza Navona. This huge square was built by the Pamphilj family at the behest of Pope Innocent X Pamphilj. In the past, the stadium of Domitian stood here.

In Piazza Navona there are three fountains, the most beautiful and the most famous is the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini.

5. Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the must-see stops in Rome: it’ s beauty is disarming. What is now a Church, was once a temple dedicated to all the gods. It was built at the behest of Marco Vipsanio Agrippa in 27 B.C. and after almost 2000 it is still there, magnificent and imposing.

Entrance is free, but on crowded days you have to queue up a bit.

6. Piazza di Spagna

The itinerary continues towards Piazza di Spagna where you can admire the famous Barcaccia, the fountain designed by Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Here you can climb the famous staircase and enter to visit the small and characteristic Church of Trinità dei Monti.

7. Fontana di Trevi

Not too far from Piazza di Spagna there is another symbol of Rome: the Trevi Fountain. Before leaving, with your back to the fountain, throw a coin in: according to legend, this will allow you to return to Rome sooner or later!

8. Piazza Venezia

Our journey to discover Rome in one day is about to end and the penultimate stop is Piazza Venezia and the imposing Vittoriano, often mistakenly called Altare della Patria. The monument is dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy, who completed the process of national unity and preserves the Altare della Patria with the remains of the unknown soldier.

From its terraces, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the next stage: the Roman Forum.

9. Via dei Fori Imperiali

At this point we are returning to the true starting point, the Colosseum. To do so we suggest you cross via dei Fori Imperiali, in this way you will be able to see the beauty of the Roman Forum and imagine what it might mean to live in Ancient Rome.

Rome in one day: what to eat

I’m sure all this walking has made you hungry!

A tasty break cannot miss during a day in Rome, so we thought to give you 5 delicious tips to be ready to order the right dish once you are sitting at the table of a beautiful typical Roman trattoria.

Here are 5 dishes not to be missed during your visit to Rome in one day.

  • Bucatini alla Gricia: bucatini with oil, bacon, black pepper and plenty of pecorino romano.
  • Spaghetti alla carbonara: if we add the egg to Gricia, we’ll have Carbonara, another of the typical Roman recipes.
  • Supplì: a rice ball seasoned with meat sauce and pecorino romano, mixed with eggs, rolled up and stuffed with mozzarella, breaded and fried in boiling oil.
  • Pizza romana: a crunchier pizza than its Neapolitan cousin.
  • Porchetta: to prepare it, the whole pork is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and wild fennel and browned over the flame for at least 5 hours.

If you are a real food lover you should think about participating in one of our food tour in Rome: generally, they last 3 and a half hours and can fit perfectly into your day trip to the city. Think about it!

We hope that the itinerary we have recommended will be useful for you to visit Rome in a day in the best way!

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