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Popular foods in Paris

Popular foods in Paris

Narrowing down what are the most popular foods in Paris is quite complicated as Paris is the capital of a country with a rich gastronomical history, with multiple influences.

Paris is a gourmet world and you could probably taste any dish from out the world. Therefore, my selection of popular foods in Paris is quite personal but I will give you several options that you might choose depending on your cravings.

Let’s start the day by having breakfast in a nice little typical parisian café where you should indulge yourself with a few of the popular foods in Paris by having a real pain au chocolat or a croissant with a café crème.

croissant paris

After your visit of a Museum or some shopping stroll, have a gourmet break by picking amongst these delicious dishes in Paris.

Depending if you want some street food or if you have time for a quick lunch in a bistro, you will either choose a falafel or a jambon beurre (with nice crispy baguette) or you will head for a croque monsieur or madame or even a nice steak frites.

After take some time to enjoy the streets of Paris, you might discover some hidden gems and when it’s time for tea, some of these popular foods in Paris might please you and your gourmet palate.

Have a nice hot chocolate at Angelina’s, some macarons from Pierre Hermé or Ladurée or even some japanese pastries (rue St Florentin) with the adequate tea. There again you have a large choice of delicacies.


Before a night at the theater or at the opera, you should taste « a few cliches» amongst the most appreciated dishes in Paris, all making quite a hearty dinner.

Snails or frog legs or even foie gras for starters. Some duck confit or beef bourguignon for the dish.

For the cheese, let’s settle for a nice camembert or brie. And of course a nice pastrie for dessert, such as a simple religieuse or a more sophisticated ispahan. All sprinkled, of course, with the appropriate wine.

If you want to taste some of those specialties, don’t stand: just join our Paris food tour!