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How to get from Pisa airport to Florence

Pisa airport is served by several daily flights to and from many Italian and foreign destinations. More and more passengers choose this airport to reach Tuscany and it is likely that, once arrived, they will need to reach the regional capital. If you are in this situation, you will be happy to know that below you will find all the necessary information to get from Pisa airport to Florence.


From Pisa airport to Florence by train

The best way to reach Florence from Pisa airport is the combination PisaMover + train.

The Pisa Mover is a kind of funicular that connects Pisa Central Station with the airport. The connections are made daily from 6 am until midnight every 7/8 minutes.

The journey takes about 5 minutes and the price is 5 euros.

As an alternative to the Pisa Mover you can use the green LAM bus line.

Once at the station you will have to take a train to Florence: there are several solutions. Prices and travel times vary depending on the train you choose.

The route is covered by Regional and Fast Regional trains. The fastest will take about 50 minutes, while the slowest will take an hour and twenty.

From Pisa airport to Florence by bus

The alternative to the train is the bus.

At the moment there are two companies that allow you to get to Florence from Pisa airport by bus: Airport Bus Express Autostradale and Sky Bus Lines Caronna.

Both stop in Piazzale Montelungo, not far from Florence Santa Maria Novella Station (in the center of Florence).

The journey takes about 1 hour, but obviously it can be affected by the traffic along the road.

From Pisa airport to Florence by car

You can choose to move from Pisa airport to Florence by car by renting one on site. Here, in fact, there are many international and other smaller local rental companies.

Our advice is to rent the car in advance on the internet, in this way you’ll be relaxed and once landed you just have to go to pick it up.

Generally the rental desks are open from 8.00 to 21.30 during the winter period and from 7.00 to 22.30 during the summer.

Once you have picked up your car, just take the FI-PI-LI highway: the entrance is right at the airport and you will have no difficulty in finding it. At this point you just need to drive all the way to Florence. The journey takes about an hour.


From Pisa airport to Florence by cab

If you do not feel like driving you might consider taking a cab from Pisa airport to Florence.

The cab service is managed by COTAPI, the local cooperative. Once out of the airport, crossing the street, you will find the cab stand. Alternatively you can call 050 541600.

The fares are quite high: we are talking about 170 euros for the ride between Pisa and Florence. There is no fixed rate.


We hope to have left you all the useful information to reach Florence from Pisa airport.

To visit the city at its best, do not forget to read our guide on what to do in Florence absolutely and, to live an unforgettable experience, we suggest you to participate in our Food Tour of the Tuscan capital. This, in fact, will allow you to discover the city from a particular point of view: the gastronomic tradition. You know, Florence is one of the Italian cities where you can eat the best food! We are waiting for you!


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