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palermo walking tour

Palermo Walking Tour: discover the Sicilian capital on foot

Palermo, a city with a thousand faces and many contrasts. Palermo, a city as sweet as it is bitter. The Sicilian capital is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, where beauty comes to terms with complicated and gloomy situations. The reasons to visit Palermo are many: from the architectural and artistic beauties, to the goodness of its traditional cuisine. Today we explain why visiting the city on foot is the best way to really appreciate its charm: a Palermo Walking Tour will allow you to discover unique corners and views, mixing with the locals and enjoying the authentic atmosphere that distinguishes the historic center of the Sicilian city.

palermo walking tour

Why discover Palermo on foot

As we were saying, a Palermo walking tour is the best way to visit the city.

The Sicilian capital is a very busy city and walking will avoid you, first of all, to get stuck in traffic.

Walking, moreover, you will be able to enjoy the visit calmly and without stress, stopping to take pictures, to admire a monument and, why not, to taste one of the many delicacies that characterize the street food of Palermo.

What to see absolutely during a Palermo walking tour

Whether you only have one day available, or you are staying for a whole weekend in Palermo or even a few more days, there are some unmissable stops that you must include in your itinerary.

Below we have chosen to suggest the 4 things to see in the city absolutely.

  • The Cathedral. This building contains the thousand-year-old history of the city: first early Christian basilica, then mosque and, finally, church again. Styles are mixed and mingled together in a work that leaves you speechless.
  • Palace of the Normans. The oldest royal residence in Europe is one of the most visited monuments in Sicily. The fortification was built by the Arabs and then enlarged during the Norman domination. Inside is the Palatine Chapel, a basilica with three naves built by Roger II of Sicily. The mosaics of this church are wonderful and the Christ Pantocrator will surely impress you.
  • Church of Martorana. The real name of the church is Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio because it was built by George of Antioch, admiral of Roger II. The name was given later, when King Alfonso of Aragon gave it to the Benedictine nuns of the nearby convent founded by Eloisa Martorana. The building of worship is considered one of the most amazing Byzantine churches in Italy and is considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • The markets of Palermo. There is no visit to Palermo that can be considered complete without a tour of the city’s markets. Just among the noisy and loud stalls, you will get in touch with the everyday life of the Sicilian capital and its inhabitants and it is here that you can taste some of the most delicious delicacies of Palermo cuisine!


What to taste absolutely during a walking tour of Palermo

Speaking of good food, a walking tour in the Sicilian capital is always an excellent opportunity to taste the delicious dishes of the cuisine of Palermo. For this reason we decided to recommend those that, in our opinion, you should definitely taste and that you can easily find during your walks in the city.

  • The arancina. The queen of street food of the Sicilian capital and inevitable in every gastronomy of the city.
  • Bread and panelle. The sandwich stuffed with tasty chickpea flour pancakes is perfect as a snack.
  • The sfincione. A kind of focaccia covered with tomato, onions, anchovies, capers and cheese.
  • Bread câ meusa. A sandwich stuffed with spleen: a dish for the strongest palates!
  • Sicilian cannoli. The most famous dessert of Sicily.


Do Eat Better Experience: 2 gastronomic walking tours of Palermo

If we were able to convince you that visiting Palermo on foot is the best choice to enjoy the city, we want to invite you to participate in one of our Food Tour.

We are convinced, in fact, that walking and tasting typical food is the perfect combination to enter the most authentic soul of the Sicilian capital, to understand its customs and habits and to live it not as a simple tourist, but as a real guest.

Our walking tours of Palermo are interwoven with the most classic tastings and, thanks to a competent and passionate local expert, you will have the opportunity to discover history, curiosities and anecdotes about the city, while you will move among the best places to taste traditional dishes.

We organize two tours:

  • The Palermo Traditional Food Tour. During the tour you will taste both the typical street food dishes (arancina, sfincione and panelle) and the typical dishes prepared daily in Sicilian houses such as pasta alla Norma and anelletti al forno.
  • The Palermo Street Food Tour. A simple and fun experience that moves through the noisy streets of the historic center in search of the best street food in the city. You will have the opportunity to taste bread and panelle, the sfincione, the sandwich ca meuza, the arancina, the Sicilian cannolo and the famous granita.

If you would like to participate in one of our experiences, just send us an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us through WhatsApp at +39 329 17.90.647.

We are waiting for you to discover Palermo on foot in the best and most fun way!