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regali di natale originali

Original Christmas presents

The festivities are approaching and are you also looking for original Christmas presents? Are you tired of the usual, expensive and useless presents? If you don’t want to get late, spend a fortune and be aware that also this year your Christmas present will end up being forgotten straight away, you should consider A unique and memorable present: one of our food tour.  Here you can find some information about 5 good reasons why you should really consider the idea of giving a tasty experience to your loved ones and friends for this Christmas!

1. To live new experiences and create memories

Our food tour is an original Christmas present: it is not the usual thing to forget about somewhere and gather dust and not even something to wear which, at some point, will not fit them anymore and will end up being thrown away. A food tour is an experience to be lived on our own, as a couple or in a group that will certainly live in your best memories for a long time, even forever!

Today more and more people are looking for new emotions, different and unique situations to experience something never done before. That’s why, a food tour is a great way to discover a city from an alternative point of view.

If you choose to give this experience to a friend or a loved one, you will definitely live forever in their most beautiful memories!

2. To meet new people

Taking part in a food tour is also a way to meet new people and make new friends. Usually, in fact, our tours take place with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 participants. Doing so, you will meet other people with the same passion for good food, the low number of people will encourage interaction and… at the table, you know, you will always have a friendly atmosphere so it will be easy to start chatting!

Who knows, maybe you will meet them again in a second tour in a different city!

3. To have the opportunity to go on a small trip

There’s no need to add more, a food tour is a great opportunity to get ready and live a new experience!

You can decide whether to live a new experience in a nearby city or in a little further one, maybe in that place that your friends have been dreaming about for so long! Your present will be the perfect reason for a weekend away from home full of fun and relaxation.

Our tours take place in many Italian cities, including Rome, Venice and Florence, but they are also available abroad, in Spain and France. Near destinations, never too far away, always easy to reach for a short escape from the usual daily thoughts.

4. To discover every single place through typical products

Each food tour experience is different and is designed specifically to enhance the places and the area in which it takes place. Through the typical dishes you can discover recipes, flavors and traditions transmitted from generation to generation and still able to live in the historical places of the city and in their specialties.

The gastronomic experience you choose to give away will allow your friends to discover a place through its unique scents, flavours and colors. Each city will show you its exceptional cuisine, which is totally different from the one of another place.

The walking tours, moreover, will give you the possibility to turn the corner and discover “secret” places, that even the best tour guides don’t know yet.

5. To eat where and how a localdoes

Last but not least, one of the reasons why our tours will really be an original and unique Christmas present, is because these are all designed and selected by locals.

You know, discovering a city with a local will always be different than doing it after reading a simple guide! Who better than a local to recommend where and what to eat, what the best typical dishes are and especially advise you who makes them the best way?!

Do Eat Better Experience’s Local Food Experts will guide all the participants of the tours to discover every single city’s hidden corner and all the authentic lives where you can taste the best local specialties… those places where they also eat at everyday!

Have we convinced you? Are our food tours the original Christmas present you were looking for?

If you are still not sure or you think that giving this kind of experience can be too complicated, we want to give you one last reason. Giving your loved ones a food tour is really simple: Do Eat Better Experience’s. Gift Card are easy to use and are valid for a whole year. All you have to do is choose the tour you want to give as a present, decide whether to add some extras, fill out the details, add a greeting and that’s it: your friends will have 12 months to come with us to discover the flavours of the city you have chosen for them!

Food Tours Do Eat Better Experience: your original Christmas presents!