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What to see and what to do in one day in Naples

Naples is one of those cities that you don’t forget easily: its colours, its voice and its contrasts go straight to the heart. The city, which according to the myth was founded by the siren Partenope, is full of artistic beauties, museums, characteristic corners and hidden treasures: among the reasons why Naples is worth a visit there are its museums, its chaotic alleys, its majestic churches and of course its gastronomy. A single day will not be enough to really understand the city, but it is still a good start to get to know it. In this article we decided to help you choose what to see and what to do in one day in Naples.

Visit the Duomo

There is no better place to start visiting Naples than the Duomo: here, in fact, you will be able to perceive the true soul of the Neapolitans, their devotion and affection for their city.

The Duomo is not only one of the most beautiful churches in Naples, but a true symbol of the capital of Campania. Among the magnificent works of Luca Giordano and the sumptuous chapels here is kept the blood of St. Gennaro, patron saint of Naples.

Every year, in front of the Cathedral, the citizens and the believers wait with trepidation for the Miracle of the liquefaction of blood to happen.


Strolling through San Gregorio Armeno

At this point your day in Naples can continue through the magnificent alleys of the city.

One of the most characteristic places is San Gregorio Armeno, better known as ” the street of the cribs“. The shops on either side of the street sell all kinds of figurines, from classic images to contemporary characters who during the year have “deserved” a place among the figures of the Neapolitan crib.

During your walk don’t forget to visit the Church of San Gregorio Armeno, one of the best examples of Neapolitan Baroque.

the street of the cribs

Eat a pizza

Around San Gregorio Armeno you will find a number of excellent pizzerias.

We don’t need to remind you that among the typical dishes to taste in Naples, pizza is a must, right?

If you spend just one day in Naples, you can’t miss the pleasure of this delicious stopover. If you are curious to discover all its secrets, then you could take time out to participate in a real pizza lesson!


Take Spaccanapoli


After San Gregorio Armeno, the time has come to take another of the most famous streets of the city: Spaccanapoli.

The street is one of the oldest in the capital of Campania and develops along one of the ancient decumani, from the district of Forcella to the Spanish Quarters.

Along the street you can do some shopping, stop to visit the Church of Gesù Nuovo and the Monastery of Santa Chiara or stop at the Sansevero Chapel to admire the Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino, one of the most fascinating works of art ever.


Visit Umberto I Gallery

Another unmissable stop during your visit of one day in Naples is the Umberto I Gallery.

The Gallery was built between 1887 and 1890 in honour of King Umberto I and has always been both an important commercial centre and an imposing monument.

The Gallery has four entrances: Via Toledo, Via Santa Brigida, Via San Carlo and Vico Rotto San Carlo. You could take advantage of it to take a tour in the surroundings.


Reaching Piazza del Plebiscito

From Galleria Umberto I you will reach in a few minutes one of the symbols of Naples par excellence: Piazza Plebiscito. Its name refers to the plebiscite of 1860 that decreed the annexation of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Kingdom of Italy.

The square is huge and wonderful: the colonnade creates a very suggestive effect.

The two symbolic buildings of Piazza Plebiscito are the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola and the Royal Palace, which stand out in front of each other.


Overlook the seafront

At this point you will only have to end the day looking out over the seafront.

From here you can marvel at the magnificent views of Vesuvius, the island of Capri, Castel dell’Ovo and the Posilippo promontory.

One of the best moments to come here is certainly the sunset.


How to spend one day in Naples in the best way

We have given you some advice on what to see and what to do to organize your visit of one day in Naples, but we also want to suggest you another possibility: to join a food tour.

Our food and wine tours of Naples last 3 hours on average and take place in the historical centre of the city. During the tour you will be accompanied by a local guide who will tell you history, secrets and curiosities about the most interesting places in Naples and you will have the opportunity to stop in some of the most characteristic and authentic places to taste the delicacies of the Campania tradition.

You can choose a tour dedicated to street food to taste, among others, the famous cuoppo and pizza a portafoglio, or opt for a Pizza food tour of Naples to taste the fried pizza, an excellent margherita and the pasta omelette.

Take a look at our proposals and remember that in this way you will have the opportunity to discover the landmarks of the historic center of Naples and get to know in depth the traditional gastronomy. It will be an unforgettable experience!