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9 (and more) must-see Naples tourist attractions

Naples is noise, joy, chaotic streets, teeming alleys, sea breeze, impressive churches and rich museums. The reasons to visit Naples are numerous: this city  always knows how to amaze visitors. In this article, we have selected the 9 Naples tourist attractions that, in our opinion, you must include in your itinerary in the city. This list will help you choose what to do in the capital of Campania whether you have several days to spare, or visit Naples in one day.


1.   Spaccanapoli

Spaccanapoli is the most famous street in the city, an extremely important thoroughfare that dates back to Greek times, survived during the Roman Empire and still characterizes the urban layout of Naples.

The street connects the Quartieri Spagnoli to the Forcella district along a succession of stores where you can do some shopping and important monuments to visit.

2.  Sansevero Chapel and Veiled Christ

The Sansevero Chapel is located a few steps from Spaccanapoli and is one of the Naples tourist attractions not to be missed.

The church, now deconsecrated, was located near the home of the Sansevero princes who once could reach it through a bridge that connected directly to the church.

The Chapel is a fascinating place to which are linked mysteries and legends: observing the various works inside you can see Masonic symbols and figures that are still studied by experts and curious about esotericism.

One of the main reasons to visit this church, however, remains the Veiled Christ, a magnificent work by Giuseppe Sanmartino. The sculpture depicts Christ deposed covered by a veil: the skill of the artist is shown by the reproduction of that veil in a particularly real way.

3.   Cathedral of Naples

Among the stops not to be missed is certainly the Duomo, one of the most beautiful churches in Naples and a place particularly dear to its inhabitants. Inside, there is the blood of San Gennaro, the patron saint of the city, which is carried in procession every year in the hope that the miracle of liquefaction will take place.

The Duomo is located in the city center, in the most characteristic part of the capital of Campania. To better visit this area we recommend our street food tour of Naples: the visit is guided by a local person who will tell you stories and curiosities about the city while accompanying you to discover some of the best dishes of Neapolitan cuisine. Are you ready to taste, among others, the pizza a portafoglio, the cuoppo and the baba?


4.  Piazza Plebiscito, Royal Palace, Church of San Francesco da Paola and Teatro San Carlo

Enclosed in a rather small area, around Piazza Plebiscito, are some of the most important tourist attractions of Naples.

The square is huge and overlooked by the Royal Palace, built in 1600 to house King Philip II, the Church of San Francesco da Paola and the majestic San Carlo Theatre, the oldest still active in Italy.

5.   Maschio Angioino

Not far from Piazza Plebiscito rises the Maschio Angioino, a castle built at the behest of Charles I of Anjou in 1266. The name of the fortress is Castel Novo and it completes the defensive system of the city together with Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Capuano.

Today the Maschio Angioino is the seat of the Civic Museums.

6.  Archaeological Museum

One of the most beautiful museums in Naples is the Archaeological Museum, one of the most important in Italy as far as Roman art is concerned.

The museum consists of several collections: the Farnese collection, consisting of artifacts from Rome and the surrounding area, the Pompeian collections, with artifacts from the area around Mount Vesuvius, and the Egyptian collection.

naples castle dell ovo

7.  Capodimonte Museum

Among the Neapolitan museums not to be missed is the Capodimonte Museum: the ancient hunting lodge of Charles of Bourbon was converted by him into a royal palace-museum in 1758.

The current museum was inaugurated in 1957 and hosts a vast picture gallery made up of numerous collections.

The works range from ancient masterpieces (Titian, Masaccio, Botticelli and Raphael for example), to more recent works up to some modern and contemporary (Goya, Caravaggio, but also Andy Warhol and Michelangelo Pistoletto).

During the tour you can admire the magnificent rooms of the ancient Bourbon palace.

8.  Napoli Sotterranea

Among the Naples tourist attractions is a must to include Napoli Sotterranea: here you can discover a new and unexpected face of the city.

Below the visible city opens a fascinating world of tunnels, darkness and mysteries. A rare heritage, unique in its kind, which leaves the visitor speechless.

Napoli Sotterranea allows you to make a real journey through more than 2000 years of history, from the Greek era to modern times. You can admire the remains of the ancient greek – roman city, the Bourbon Gallery, built by Ferdinand II and an air raid shelter. Napoli Sotterranea, moreover, preserves underground gardens, a War Museum and a Seismic Station.

This is definitely an unmissable stop.

9.  Castel dell’Ovo

Finally, we suggest a visit to Castel dell’Ovo, the oldest castle in the city, which has become one of the symbols of Naples.

Today, conferences, exhibitions and events of various kinds are hosted inside the castle, but you can visit it for free by appointment.

From the castle you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Naples: the sea and Vesuvius are a postcard show.

After your visit, take the opportunity to walk along the seafront and reach Mergellina to enjoy an excellent pizza.

Speaking of pizza, during your stay in Naples, take the opportunity to learn how to make it by participating in a pizza lesson: it’s a unique opportunity!


We hope you find our tips on Naples tourist attractions useful.

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