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Naples in 3 days

What to see in Naples in 3 days

The capital of Campania is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy: its contrasts, its contradictions, those nuances that make it “beautiful and damned” make it one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. To discover the city founded by the siren Partenope is not enough a lifetime, but a long weekend can give you a taste. In this article we will suggest an itinerary that we hope will help you decide what to see in Naples in 3 days. Below we will recommend the museums not to be missed, the most emblematic churches of the city and the typical Neapolitan dishes not to be missed: we will help you organize your days hoping to make you understand why it is really worth visiting the capital of Campania.

Day 1: from Piazza Plebiscito to the Lungomare (promenade)

The itinerary we propose foresees that you have 3 full days at your disposal or, at least, that you arrive in the city no later than lunchtime and that on the last day you have the possibility to leave in the late afternoon.

The first of the three days we suggest you to dedicate a fairly limited area of Naples, the one around Piazza Plebiscito.

Plebiscito Square

Piazza Plebiscito is one of the symbolic places of the city. The large square, characterized by an imposing colonnade, owes its name to the plebiscite that in 1980 ratified the annexation to the Kingdom of Savoy.

Looking at it today it is hard to think that in the nineties there were still a lot of cars that passed through or stopped here: today, clear of all means, the square is one of the favorite places for great events.

The two symbolic buildings of the square are the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola and the Royal Palace, which stand out in front of each other.

Piazza del plebiscito

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Naples was built at the end of 1500 at the behest of Viceroy Don Fernando. The news had spread, in fact, that King Philip II was going to visit Naples. The residence was finished in just two years, but never hosted the king who changed his mind and did not go to the city.

Today the building houses a beautiful museum and you can visit the Royal Apartment, the Gardens and the Court Theatre.

San Carlo Theatre

The Teatro San Carlo is the oldest still active theatre in Italy and certainly one of the most fascinating.

There is the possibility to participate in a guided tour, but obviously the best way to enjoy the unique and magical atmosphere of this place is to attend one of the shows on the program.

naples in 3 days-san carlo theater

Promenade Santa Lucia

One of the best ways to end the day is with a walk along the Lungomare Santa Lucia.

Our advice is to go there at sunset to see one of the most beautiful views of Naples. From here you will notice magnificent views: from Vesuvius to the island of Capri, from Castel dell’Ovo to the Posilippo promontory. If you are not too tired head towards Mergellina, have dinner with a good pizza and return enjoying the evening atmosphere on the promenade.

naples in 3 days


Day 2: from Capodimonte to Spaccanapoli

The second day will be the most challenging: get ready to walk!

Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte

Whether or not you want to follow our suggestions on what to see in Naples in 3 days, there is one place you absolutely must not miss: the Museum of Capodimonte.

This place was born in 1738 when Charles of Bourbon decided to convert his hunting lodge into a real palace – museum.

Today the museum has three floors and houses works by artists ranging from Raphael to Botticelli, Goya and the more modern Andy Warhol.

Cathedral of San Gennaro

Among the most beautiful churches in Naples there is certainly the Duomo of the city. The church is famous for the magnificent paintings by Luca Giordano and the sumptuous chapels, but it is especially famous for San Gennaro.

The Patron Saint of Naples, in fact, is deeply linked to the local culture and tradition. Even today the Neapolitans still wait with trepidation every year for the Miracle of the liquefaction of blood to happen.

Neapolitan Churches

Underground Naples

If you want to discover another face of Naples, a face characterized by darkness, tunnels and mysteries, then you must visit the Naples Underground. This is not a simple museum tour, but a real journey into another world.

In the Napoli Sotterranea you can observe finds from the Roman era, visit the War Museum or the Bourbon Gallery, enter an air raid shelter or be amazed in front of the underground gardens. Are you ready?


To end the day we suggest you take a walk along Spaccanapoli, the road from the Spanish Quarters to the Forcella district. This is one of the oldest streets of the city and develops along one of the ancient Roman decumani.


Day 3: From Toledo to Neapolitan cuisine

Your last day in Naples, in our opinion, should be full of taste!

After visiting the most beautiful museums and churches in the city, it’s time to enjoy its gastronomic delights. Naples, in fact, is not only pizza!

If you’re wondering what to eat in Naples, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just to make your mouth water, remember that you don’t leave the capital of Campania without having tasted the cuoppo, a cone full of fried specialties, or pasta with Neapolitan meat sauce or, for lovers of desserts, the Babà!

Before, however, there is still a stage not to be missed.

Toledo Subway Station

naples in 3 days

The Naples metro line has become, in recent years, really very famous: in fact, there are many stations that have been embellished with works of art by artists from all over the world.

The most beautiful station is Toledo, which in 2012 has been defined by The Daily Telegraph as the most beautiful metro station in Europe. The work Relative Light by Robert Wilson, in fact, makes it shine like a diamond thanks to a series of plays of light.

Food Tour in Naples

Here we are, finally, to the tasty part: to really know Naples, in fact, you have to discover its cuisine!

At Do Eat Better Experience we organize different types of food tours that will help you in this delicious task!

Here are the tours and experiences that we propose:

  • Pizza lesson: you will have the chance to discover all the secrets to prepare a perfect pizza!
  • Napoli Street Food Tour: you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best street food of the Neapolitan tradition, including the inevitable cook!
  • Pizza & Co. Gastronomic Tour: a more classic tour during which, of course, you will not miss the Queen of Naples, pizza!

Tasting local delicacies together with a local guide will make you feel part of everyday life in Naples: this is one of the reasons why we recommend you take part in a food tour in Naples!

We are waiting for you!