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Marseille Walking Tour: here is why to discover Marseille on foot

Considered by some the “Naples of France“, Marseille is a chaotic, cheerful, noisy and lively city. This city, the second largest in the country after Paris, is made of contrasts and is characterized by an ancient history closely linked to its great port.

The best way to visit it is definitely on foot: only in this way, you will be able to enjoy the most fascinating corners, stumble upon scenes of daily life and feel part of the day that flows.

Walking in Marseille, moreover, will allow you not to miss even one of the best things to do, to stop whenever you want to take a picture, to chat with someone or to taste one of the typical delicacies of the gastronomic tradition.

A Marseille walking tour will allow you to totally enjoy the city!

Marseille Walking Tour

Why discover Marseille on foot

Marseille is an extremely busy city and some areas are closed to traffic. These are only two of the reasons why we recommend you leave your car outside the city center and enjoy the city on foot.

As we anticipated, walking in Marseille means having the opportunity to enjoy this city in all its nuances: from a walk to the Vieux Port, to a visit to Notre Dame de La Garde, to a gourmet stop at a restaurant!

What to see absolutely during a Marseille walking tour

We have already recommended the 10 must-see attractions in France’s second largest city in a previous article, but below we want to briefly remind you what are the key stages of a walking tour in Marseille. All are easily accessible on foot.

  • The Old Port: One of the most authentic corners of Marseille. The Fish Market is held here.
  • The Le Panier district: the most characteristic district of the city’s historic center.
  • The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde: famous for its imposing bell tower topped by a huge statue of the Madonna.
  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore: the most important religious building in the city.
  • La Canebière: the most famous shopping street in Marseille.

What to taste during a walking tour in Marseille

Organizing a Marseille walking tour means having the time to stop and taste some of the delicacies of the local tradition.

The gastronomy of the city is one of the most interesting of all France: the presence of the port has given rise to interesting and unique contaminations that make the Marseille cuisine completely different from that of the rest of France.

Here are some of the dishes not to be missed:

  • La tapenade: cream of olives, capers and anchovies that is served on excellent bread croutons.
  • Paninesses fris: fried chickpea flour discs served with aioli sauce.
  • Pastis: the aniseed liqueur typical of the city.
  • Loukoum: sweets of Arab origin.

Do Eat Better Experience: the walking food tour of Marseille

So, what do you say, have we convinced you that exploring Marseille on foot is the best way to enjoy the city? If so, how about joining our guided tour?

The walking tour that we propose is definitely alternative and … particularly delicious!

This is the Food Tour of Marseille that will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful areas of the city such as Le Panier, the Old Port and Noailles, learning their history and anecdotes and stopping at the best restaurants.

Accompanying you on this tour will be a local expert who, with passion and dedication, will tell you curiosities about the city and will take you inside those places preferred by the locals. It is here, that you will have the opportunity to taste the real traditional dishes.

During the tour, you will also meet other people who, like you, have chosen to discover Marseille in an alternative and authentic way: it will be easy to make friends at the table in front of so many delicacies, we’ re sure!

Read what are the 5 reasons to participate in a Food Tour in Marseille and then hurry up to book your place.

To do so, simply send us an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us via WhatsApp at +39 329 17.90.647.

Are you one of us? We are waiting for you!