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la spezia train station

Best destinations from La Spezia train station

La Spezia is a small town in Liguria and it’s a strategic place to stay during your holidays between Liguria and Tuscany and a perfect place to explore the most beautiful places by train

La Spezia is nevertheless a pleasant city and there are many things to do in La Spezia, both during the day and in the evening, when returning from day trips to nearby places. We at Do Eat Better Experience, for example, propose a gastronomic tour through the city streets in order to taste the most appreciated traditional dishes of the city.

La Spezia, however, is very interesting also and above all because it boasts an enviable and strategic position: from the train station of La Spezia you can reach in a short time the famous Cinque Terre, Portofino, Pisa and Genoa.

Why to stay in La Spezia

la spezia train station

As said, La Spezia is located right in the middle of many tourist destinations and staying in this city certainly allows, on the one hand, to spend less than for example the Cinque Terre; on the other hand, allows you to live your holiday in a more relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the city and its services especially in the evening and still taking advantage of the many connections of the city with other tourist destinations reachable in a short time by train. If you are looking for an apartment 5 minutes from the train station of La Spezia, we suggest you to book on Airbnb this beautiful and comfortable apartment.



Which localities can be reached from the train station of La Spezia

  • To reach the Cinque Terre:: as said, the town is the ideal destination for those who want to visit the Cinque Terre, only a few minutes away by train. The Cinque Terre Express has a frequency of about 3 trains per hour and allows you to visit all five villages. We also suggest you buy the Cinque Terre Card which includes access to the paths, as well as unlimited rail travel on the route.la spezia train station
  • To reach Pisa: it takes just over an hour to get to Pisa and it is definitely worth spending a day visiting the Tuscan city. There is in fact not only the famous leaning tower, but the historic center is also worth a visit, as well as tasting the best traditional Tuscan dishes. If you have 3 hours of time, you can visit the city and eat in typical restaurants with a “local friend” with our gastronomic tour in Pisa.la spezia train station
  • To reach Genoa and Portofino: in half an hour you can reach Santa Margherita Ligure, from where you can then reach the wonderful Portofino by taking a taxi or bus right in front of the train station. To Genoa instead it takes one hour, but we are absolutely sure that it is worth visiting the Ligurian capital and spending a day in the biggest historical centre of Europe. Here too we offer several gastronomic tours to unravel the famous “carruggi” in search of traditional dishes together with a local gastronomic expert!
    la spezia train station

At this link you can find all train timetables and buy train tickets online to visit the tourist destinations near La Spezia.

In conclusion, La Spezia is very convenient both logistically and economically so it is definitely worth staying in this city for a holiday between Tuscany and Liguria, between sea and art cities.