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5 gift ideas for him: tips for every taste

Are you running out of gift ideas for him? You don’t know what to give, but you don’t want to be banal? Here are 5 perfect ideas to impress a friend, partner or your dad. Below we recommend a gift for every kind of passion!

Florence food tour

1.  A Food Tour or a cooking class if he is a gourmand

The first suggestion is to give a food tour: an original idea that will certainly surprise those who receive it if they love cooking and good food.

A food & wine tour is not just a gift, but a real experience, perhaps to be lived in your company.

You can take the opportunity to organize a weekend out of town or simply to enjoy your city from a new point of view.

Giving a food tour with Do Eat Better Experience is very simple.

Simply choose your favorite experience from our Do Eat Better Experience website and send an email to reservations@doeatbetter.com or contact us via WhatsApp at +39 329 17.90.647.

Alternatively, you can buy a Gift Card: these are very easy to use, they are worth a whole year and it will be up to the recipient to choose what kind of experience to book.

Another solution, compared to the food tour, could be to consider the idea of giving a cooking lesson as a gift: if he likes to cook he will be very happy to have the opportunity to learn something new to propose at his home in the future.

We at Do Eat Better Experience offer several cooking lessons around Italy:

Each lesson is also accompanied by a rich tasting that makes the experience even more complete: it will be like having made two gifts in one!


2.  A weekend out of town if he loves to travel

A travel lover will surely be over the moon if you decide to give him a weekend trip in Italy or abroad.

You can organize everything yourself, booking transfers, hotel stays and maybe a visit to a museum or, as we suggested before, a food tour to discover the new city in a unique and fun way.

Alternatively, you can fold back on one of the many all-inclusive boxes or coupons.

In both cases, we are sure, it will be a welcome and unforgettable gift: giving experiences is always a winning choice!

Check on Viator and book the perfect experience for him!


3.  An adrenaline experience if he loves adventure

Another gift that will surely make your friend, partner or dad happy if he is one who loves heartbreaking emotions is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

How about a ride on the track in a sports car? How about a parachute jump or a paragliding flight?

If all these emotions seem too strong for you, then you could opt for rafting or canyoning, less “tough” but still exciting experiences.

If your he is a person who loves the sea and water sports, then you might consider giving him a diving course.


4.  A day at the SPA if he needs to relax

The days of the week are always long and exhausting and you get to the weekend always tired.

One of the best gift ideas for him, if you think he needs to relax, is a day at the SPA: you can give him the simple entrance to the path to let him relax between whirlpools, saunas and Turkish bath, or you can complete your gift with a nice massage.

On Monday he will be a new person, you will see!


5.  A playful experience if he loves to play

If your he is a playful guy, then you could take advantage of it to give him a fun experience.

The classic video game for the Play Station could be fine, but it would be definitely trivial.

How about, instead, an afternoon playing golf, a day skiing in the mountains, a few hours in an escape room or, more simply, a game of bowling?

In all these cases the best thing will be the company: get organized and plan a special and fun day to spend all together!

We hope that these tips on what to do in Aix En Provence will help you organize your vacation in the beautiful Provencal city.


So, have you found the right gift idea for him among the ones we proposed?

We hope to meet you all together during a food tour to celebrate sitting at the table!