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Best destinations from Genoa train station

Genoa is the capital of Liguria and in recent years has proven to be an increasingly attractive tourist destination on the Italian scene, with thousands of local and international visitors who have been able to discover and admire the hidden alleys of its historic center and the beautiful streets and palaces of the nobility.

The attractions of Genoa are numerous and it is worth spending at least a couple of days in the city to experience it at its best and to be able to appreciate its beauty and the authenticity of its flavors and colors.

We at Do Eat Better Experience, for example, propose three different gastronomic tours through the city streets to discover the most popular traditional dishes of the city (including the famous Genoese pestofocaccia and farinata), to get to know the city from a culinary point of view and live an experience together with a local.

Whether you stay in Genoa for a day or for a longer period, you can take advantage of its strategic location to reach in a short time famous places that deserve to be visited: from the Genoa train station (Brignole or Principe), you can reach in a short time the famous Cinque Terre, Pisa, Milan and Turin.

Genoa food tour

genoa food tour

Which locations can be reached from the Genoa train station?

Genoa has two stations: Genova Brignole station and Genova Piazza Principe station. Both stations are located in the city center (Genova Brignole station is very close to the main shopping streets, such as Via XX Settembre and Via San Vincenzo, while Genova Piazza Principe station is close to Via Balbi, the Palazzi dei Rolli and the Genoese caruggi) and are just a few minutes away from each other.

At this link you can check the timetables and buy train tickets to visit the recommended locations that can be reached from Genoa station. Here are our recommendations:

– Cinque Terre: they are about 45 minutes by train from Genoa and if you come to Liguria it is definitely worth visiting the Cinque Terre and spend a day admiring these beautiful and famous villages. To move from one village to another, we suggest you to use the Cinque Terre Express, which has a frequency of about 3 trains per hour. It is also very useful to buy the Cinque Terre Card, which allows you to have access to the trails, as well as unlimited train travel on the route. In addition to the train, you can also reach Cinque Terre by car. Read all the details here.

Cinque Terre

– Pisa: reachable by train from Genoa in just over 2 hours, it is clearly famous for the Tower, but there are also many other reasons to visit the Tuscan city, including the lovely old town. We in Pisa offer a 3-hour food tour, which allows you to taste the best local specialties together with a local person.


– Milan: in less than 2 hours you can reach from Genoa the capital of Lombardy, a must to spend a day of wild shopping, visiting the most beautiful stores of the famous Italian brands. Milan, however, is not only fashion and shopping, but you can visit the famous Brera district and the Navigli, as well as admire some famous works such as the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.


Turin: the city under the Mole is also reachable in a couple of hours from Genoa. Among the things to do in Turin, we mention the visit to the Mole Antonelliana and the famous Egyptian Museum, where today are preserved more than 37,000 pieces. Very popular and famous are Turin’s historic pastry shops, of which we suggest a tasty tour in search of the best chocolate and the original bicerin of the city.

things to do in turin mole

To conclude, we suggest you stay in Genoa for several days and take advantage of its central location to visit the nearby cities and resorts by train: it is really worth it!