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Genoa attractions, a city to discover

For some years now the Ligurian capital is no longer just a city of passage for the famous Cinque Terre, but has become an important tourist destination, which deserves to be visited with calm.

Genoa attractions, including noble palaces, churches, museums and one of the largest in Europe, have in fact attracted many tourists in recent years who have discovered and admired the beauty of the Ligurian capital.

Whether you want to visit Genoa in depth or you are just passing through the city for a day, it is important that you try to visit some of these city attractions.

Here are the main Genoa’s attractions that we think you should not miss!

Visit the historic centre of Genoa and discover the flavours of the city

Only by walking and getting lost in these alleys you can experience the city in an authentic way and discover its true essence, among different smells, tastes and cultures. The caruggi are considered a real attraction for the city of Genoa, precisely because they allow you to discover the true heart of the city and represent one of the largest historical centres in Europe.

An amusing and unusual way to discover the old town, its flavours and its secrets is to take part in a food tour, which will allow you to experience the city in an authentic way, visiting the oldest and most historical places and tasting the famous focaccia, farinata, pesto genovese and other typical city dishes in places hidden from the classic tourist circuits.

Historic centre of Genoa

Visit the Palazzi dei Rolli and the Strada Nuova Museums

Very close to the historical centre, but with the opposite style to the caruggi, there’s Via Garibaldi, the final destination of our traditional food tour. Once called “Via Aurea”, it is home to some of the main palaces of the Rolli, the ancient noble palaces that once belonged to the oldest and most powerful Genoese families.

In this elegant street, inside the prestigious Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi, there is now another important Genoa attraction: the Strada Nuova Museums. Here you can admire works by Rubens, Caravaggio and Van Dyck. The so-called Strade Nuove since 2006 are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Every year with the Rolli Days all the prestigious residences of the Rolli are opened to the public and it is possible to visit their halls, architectures and works of art.



Visit the Aquarium of Genoa and the Porto Antico area

For many years the Aquarium has represented the most famous Genoa attraction and a valid reason to stay in the city for one or more days. It is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and inside it there are about 12,000 specimens and 600 different species.

Easily reachable both by car and train, it is located in the area of the Old Port, an area much frequented by the Genoese completely renovated by the famous architect Renzo Piano on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. In the area of the Old Port you can also visit other attractions of Genoa such as the Galata maritime museum, the steel and glass bubble of the Biosphere, the city of children and the Bigo, a panoramic lift that will allow you to have a breathtaking view of the city.


Visit Boccadasse and Capo Santa Chiara

The Borgo Marinaro of Boccadasse is certainly a place not to be missed if you are planning to visit Genoa for at least a couple of days. Just a few minutes from the city centre, this ancient fishing village preserves its original characteristic aspect consisting of small coloured houses and an atmosphere of other times. We suggest you to taste the ice-cream from the historic Amedeo ice-cream parlour on the beach of Boccadasse and end the evening with a walk to Capo Santa Chiara, five minutes walk above Boccadasse, and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city.


Visit Nervi with its promenade and parks

In the eastern part of the city you reach Nervi, a picturesque district of the Ligurian capital. Easily reachable by public transport, both by bus and train, it boasts two main attractions: the Anita Garibaldi promenade and the parks.

The promenade is 2 km long and starts from the characteristic little port of Nervi up to the beach of Capolungo, with continuous and suggestive views of the sea and cliffs.

Genova Nervi promenade

The parks of Nervi, also connected to the promenade, represent the largest botanical complex in the city of about 92,000 square meters are made up of several parks that in the past belonged to private villas, including Villa Gropallo, Villa Luxoro, Villa Saluzzo Serra and Villa Grimaldi Fassio, now home to museums and exhibitions.

In 2018, for the first time, the parks of Nervi were the colourful and evocative setting for Euroflora, one of the most important floral events in Europe, which attracted thousands of visitors to the small Genoese district and which will be repeated in the spring of 2021.

Are you ready to discover Genoa and its attractions?

We have pointed out some of the Genoa attractions not to be missed, enchanting places that deserve to be seen and experienced … We assure you that you will not be disappointed and we are waiting for you in Genoa!