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How to go from Florence to Pisa

Florence and Pisa are two of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany and two unmissable stops on an itinerary in this Italian region. The two cities are not very far from each other and going from Florence to Pisa is simple and quite fast. Below you will find all the useful information to organize your trip.

From Florence to Pisa

A city-museum the first, with the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery and the sumptuous churches scattered throughout the city. The second one is a real jewel with its Piazza dei Miracoli and a historical center made of alleys and small squares.

If Florence is a city to be visited calmly, in several days, to appreciate every corner and to discover the typical cuisine, Pisa can be visited in less time and it is an excellent day trip to organize starting from the Tuscan capital.

Let’s see in detail how to go from Florence to Pisa.

How to go from Florence to Pisa by train

The easiest way to reach Pisa from Florence is by train: there are many connections between Pisa central station and Florence Santa Maria Novella.

There are two types of trains you can choose from: Regionale Veloce and Regionale.

The former take about 50-60 minutes, while the latter take more or less an hour and a half.

Ticket prices start at 8 Euros.

How to go from Florence to Pisa by bus

The alternative to the train is the bus.

There are several companies that run the route. Generally the bus departure point in Florence is Piazzale Montelungo, not far from the Santa Maria Novella train station, a few steps from the historical center.

The journey takes about an hour, but as you can imagine everything depends on the traffic encountered along the way.



How to go from Florence to Pisa by car

One last alternative to go from Florence to Pisa is to travel by car.

The route is really very simple: once you leave the city center you have to take the highway FI – PI – LI and continue until the exit for Pisa.

The journey is not long, but as for the bus there is the unknown traffic.

Moreover, we suggest you pay attention to the ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato – Limited Traffic Zone) both in Florence and in Pisa: the fines if you enter these zones without permission are very high.

If you decide to go from Florence to Pisa by car, ask the owner of your hotel in advance about permits and, last but not least, about the possibility of parking. In the city centers parking lots are scarce, reserved for residents or paid for at rather high rates.

We hope we have left you with all the information you need to organize your trip between the two Tuscan cities.

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